Kudavayil Koneswarar Temple

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Kudavayil Koneswarar Temple

On the way to Tiruvarur to Kumbakonam in Tiruvarur district lies the small village of Kodai Vasal. This village houses the powerful Periyanayagi samedha Koneswarar. During the earlier destruction of the universe, it is said that the God hid the Vedas in a pot and filled it with elixir. He sealed the top of the pot with a Linga and asked it to be preserved in the Meru hills. But because of the destruction the pot was carried to Kumbakonam where it broke into three pieces. The mouth part of the pot lodged in this small village and the Linga installed itself in the place. That is how the place got its name kudam (pot) Vaayil (mouth part of the pot). It is said that the elixir in the pot spilled and it became the temple tank in the village.

Once Guardalvar tried to bring elixir from Devas in the pot to save his mother. The Asuras planned to take it away from him. To fight of the Asuras, Garudalvar kept the pot in a termite hill formed over the linga installed during the previous event and fought with the Asuras. The pot dipped into the termite hill. Unable to find the pot of elixir the Asuras accepted the defeat. With a fair idea of where it could be Karudalvar picked the termite hill with his beak to find the pot of elixir safely near the Siva Linga. People say they could still see the pick marks in the Linga in the temple. There are numerous representations in the temple depicting Garudalvar praying to Lord Shiva. Due to this the temple see fair amount of crowd from both Saivites and Vaishnavites.

There is also another interesting story regarding the temple. Once a spider and an elephant lived in the village. The spider wove its web around the siva linga so that the falling leaves wont disturb the linga. But the elephant thought it made the Siva Linga look bad and cleaned it up with its trunk. The angry spider then crawled inside the trunk of the elephant and killed it by biting its brain. Since both the organism died serving God, the elephant was given a special post in heaven while the spider born again in the same village as the king. When the king developed the temple around the Siva linga he built twenty four steps and placed the Siva Linga above it so that the elephant couldn’t reach it.

The temple also houses separate sanctorums for Lord Ganapathy and Subramanya. The female deity Periyanayagi can be worshipped in the standing position with blessings from all her four hands. It is said that, if someone prays to her for fifteen full moon days in Rahu Kala, any obstruction that surrounded the marriage gets cleared.

The temple lies just over 60 Kms from our hotel in Vaitheeswaran Koil. Enroute there are many more temples which can be covered in a one hour journey. You can come back to the hotel for a good rest and wonderful lunch after your eyes are satiated with the dharshan of Gods and Goddesses.


An introduction about our Resort at Manakkudi


In this era of globalization, we lose something as much as we gain. Tall buildings but less trees, convenient transportation but pollution, world inside our hand but health complications.

Even the villages which are supposed to have fresh water, pollution free air and greenaries are changing because of the latest trends. Not only the environmental changes, we are also forgetting our traditional healthy habits. Kids these days won’t even come out to play games as everything is available in the form of video games.

May be in future, a typical village can be seen only through google images

Considering all these changes which highly affects our health and environment, we thought of taking a small step towards bringing our tradition and healthy lifestyle back.

Do you miss your native village? Want to give your kids one of a kind village experience? Looking to take a relaxed holiday in a different way?

Our resort is your only answer!

Manakkudi resort

Our resort is situated in a village called Manakkudi, Nagapattinam District. It has 4 cottages and 1 room can easily accommodate 4 people. It is a village themed resort to give a typical local experience.

sadhabishegam resort at manakkudi

Some of the interesting additional features are a pump set to take bath, traditional games to lay back and play, bullock cart ride for fun and of course traditional food to make the tummy and heart happy.

resort at manakkudi

We do have all the other basic necessities such as air-conditioner and TV. So what more one can ask for?

We will come up with the official announcement soon about when we are going to open the resort till then keeping planning to visit our resort.

Hotel Sadhabishegam – We do more than business


Though hotel industry comes under service category, a business is a business and we make money out of it. We all lead a busy life, chasing dreams, aim for a better life than yesterday.  Do we take a moment, be thankful and give back something to the society?

This post is about we, at Hotel Sadhabishegam, trying to give back something to the society.

Situated in the temple town of Vaitheeswaran koil, many temples are easily accessible from our hotel. People from all over the country stay in Hotel Sadhabishegam and visit  the nearby temple. To give them a calm, peaceful environment, we have planned our hotel in a very non-commercialized way with beautiful greenaries all around.

Hotel Sadhabishegam

With banquet hall facility, many companies and corporate firm have conducted workshop, seminars etc in our hotel. We decided to make use the same banquet hall to host a free workshop for women on hospitality. A broad perspective of kitchen management, house keeping and front desk management was given. We received excellent feedback from the participants and to validate their participation, a certificate was issued by the Learn More India Consultants. The experience gained from the workshop will be useful for the participants whenever they seek job in hospitality industry.

Work shop for women

We have a restaurant attached with our hotel which provides hygienic food to our guests.  We made use of the cooking facilities available and  offered food for the devotees who visit Vaitheeswaran koil by foot on Chitra month of Tamil Calendar. We are doing this service since the year 1992.

Hotel in vaitheeswarankoil

As we mentioned before, Hotel Sadhabishegam is surrounded many temples. We have been rendering helping hands to such temples every now and then. Recently, we came to notice an extensively deteriorated temple in a place called Manakkudi. We have donated money to the trust which belongs to the temple for complete renovation.

Manakkudi temple

Hotel Sadhabishegam runs successfully because of the temples and people around Vaitheeswaran koil. We will never forget to give back from where we reap the benefits.

Mayiladuthurai Mayuranathar Temple


The temple is the biggest of the temples in Mayiladuthurai. Sprawling for more than 300 thousand square feet and the main tower with the height of 164 feet, the temple awes us even before we enter and get to know about the deities. There are so many interesting stories surround this temple which is not surprising because this is one of the oldest temples in the holy land of Tamilnadu.

There is an interesting story behind this temple. Daksha, the father of Parvathy starts a yagna without inviting the Lord. Even when the lord banished Parvathy from visiting the yagna, Devi visits in hope to convince her father to invite her husband. But when Daksha insults Lord in front of Parvathy, her fury knew no bound and brought lot of destruction. A peacock, which was so afraid of the repercussions seek refuge with Devi. That is how the temple got the name.

Interesting thing is, Devi didn’t want the body that her father gave him because he insulted her husband. She takes the form of peacock and serves the temple. How long can a husband stay away from his wife? The lord takes peacock form too and dances with full glory. This is called Mayura Thandavam. The male deity of the temple is known as Mayuranathar.

Hotel Sadhabishegam

There are three praharams in the temple. The temple also has separate temples for Vinayagar and Murugan with both his Devis. In the outer praharam, facing east is the Mayuranathar in the form of Lingam. There is also an intricate copper peacock statue which represents the peacock which seek refuge from Devi.

When we gross the temple tower and inner praharam, we can see Suriya Chandra planets, Samyacharyar, Sapthamadhar and Sixty three Saivite devotees. If we look at west direction there are Somaskandar, Mahalakshmi and Natarajar having separate temples for them. The Navagrahas are placed in east.

The Abayambigai Sanctorum will leave people spellbound. People who are spiritual will connect immediately with the deity as the Devi is known to give refuge from all the doubts and fears we have in mind. The pretty and reassuring face of the Devi will not let us take our eyes away from her. The smile reassures that she is with us all the time.

There is Siva Linga at the southern part of Abyambigai Sanctorum which is decorated with a Sari. A lady is said to have dissolved herself after serving Devi and Lord for so long. The temple tank is called Rishaba Theertham. It is very special to have a dip in this tank during Tamil month of Aipasi. It is said to have the same effect of taking a dip in holy river Ganges.

Mayiladuthurai is very close from both our resorts in Thirukadaiyur and also in Vaitheeswaran Koil. After a pleasant stay, you can very well cover the temple during the day and come back to the resort.

Agneeswarar Temple – Kanjanur


Kanjanur Agneeswarar Temple.

Agneeswarar Temple lies 18 Kms from Kumbakonam while travelling towards Poombuhar. The deity of Shiva showed himself in wedding attire to Brahma, so the devi is in his right side. God Agni, got his ailments cured by praying to the lord here, hence the name Agneeswarar for the deity in this particular temple. In most of the temples, the history will say that the lady was in penance to marry the God. But in this particular temple, the God was in penance to marry the Devi. It is said that bachelors visiting this temple will get married soon.

Brahaspathi and Sukkiran learned under the same Guru Aangirasa. While Brahaspathi was accepted as supreme teacher of Devas, Sukkiran became the supreme teacher of Asuras. With a very hard penance, he got the trick of resurrecting dead people from the God. He was also present in Mahabali’s court when Mahavishnu in his Vamanavathar asked for three feet of land to the king. Sukkiran stops Mahabali from accepting the offer. But Mahabali is a man of his words. Before he could cement his words by sprinkling holy water, Sukkiran takes a form of bee and stops the water from coming out of the vessel. A worried Mahavishnu takes a grass and in the pretense of chasing the bee out hurts Sukkiran and blinds him in an eye. That is how Mahavishu gets his Sukkiradhosham.

Mahavishnu prayed here to get rid of the Sukkiradhosham since then whoever has sukkira dosham in his horoscope and visits this temple is blessed with good marriage, great wife and kids, a own house, good artistic side etc

Devas were fighting an Asura named Andhagasuran. His troops were coming back to life, thanks to Guru Sukkiran even after the Devas killed them. The clueless Devas complained about this to Lord Shiva and he for time being swallowed Sukkiran to make Devas win the battle. Because of that Sukkiran do not have a seperate sannithi in the temple. All the prayers that is supposed to happen for Sukkiran will happen for the main deity as Sukkiran was inside Lord Shiva.

The Gopura faces South. When we enter the temple, you can see the separate sanctum of Lord Ganapathi to our left and Kashi Viswanatha and Visalatchi Devi to our right. The first sanctum in the temple is Devi Karpagambigai. Next is Agneeswarar. Both these sanctums face east.

The temple which has its own history is also one of the Navagraha temple which specializes in Sukkiran. Kanjanur is a very small village. You cannot find a stay or a good eatery in Kanjanur. But you can stay in Hotel Sadhabishegam and cover most of the Navagraha temples with ease.


Thiruvenkadu Swetharenyeswarar Temple


Thiruvenkadu Swetharenyeswarar temple is equaled with Kashi by Saivities. There are five other temples in Tamilnadu which have similar plaudits. They are Thiruvaiyaru, Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvidamaruthur, Thiruchaikkadu, Thiruvanjiyam.

This wonderful temple lies just 13 Kms away from temple town Sirkazhi. The name of the place translates to white forest and it is also said that Lord Nataraja danced here before he danced in Chidambaram. Therefore it is even called as Aadhi Chidambaram.  He danced Ananda Tandava, Kali Nirutham, Gauri Thandavam, Bhujangalalitham, Samhara thandavam and Paishadanam. Since he performed 9 types of dances here it is also called Navanirutha Ganam.

The main deity in the temple is Swetharanyeswarar. The female counterpart is Bramha Vidhyambigai.  Mathangi, the daughter of sage Mathanga did penance and married the lord. She then taught her skills to Bramha and became Bramha Vidhyambigai. The deity in her left upper hand wields Lotus symbolizing wealth, the right left hand has scriptures denoting wisdom and the left lower hand blessing the people and the right lower hand pointing her feet. It is said that whoever surrenders in her feet will be protected and blessed with wisdom and wealth.

The temple has three forms of Siva. Swetharanyeswarar, Natarajar and then Agora Moorthy. Once a asura named Maruthuvan gained powers after he finished his penance towards Lord Siva. With the new found power, he started abusing the Devas. He didn’t even stop when the Devas escaped to the forest where the temple is situated and prayed. Lord Siva sent Rishaba Deva to fight for Devas. But the asura used his power blessed on him by Lord Shiva and injured Rishabha Deva. This angered Lord Shiva and he took the Avatar of Agora Moorthy and destroyed Asura.

The Agora Moorthy is depicted with elan in the temple. Agora Moorthy is the angriest form of Lord Shiva.  And we get to see that in only this temple. The tall and dark body and the way he positions to combat Maruthuvan is a treat to look at. The deity has eight hands, a fiery attitude and weapons. The careful observer can also see the asura surrendering in his left feet. The Rishabha devar sculpture is also present in the temple and the temple guide can show you the scars that asura made on Rishaba devar.

The temple has three holy tanks. It is called Agni Theertham, Surya Theertham and Chandra Theertham. The temple is east facing but it also has entrance in west. Vilvam, Kondrai and Banyan are the trees of the temple. You can find this abundantly here. Thiruvenkadu is known place for planet Budhan.

Budhan is said to be the ruler of education, wisdom, oratory skills, Music and any logical profession. The parents who want their children to shine in those areas will present green coloured cloth to the deity and get blessings. Also Budhan is in the fifth place in horoscopes. A weak planet here may cause infertility problem in couples. Coming to this temple and taking the blessings of Budhan will help them get a cure.

This is a very important temple for the saivites. People who cannot do their respects to their elders who left this world in Gaya, Kashi or Tiruveni can give their respects here. This scenic village is also been sung by Appar, Sundarar, Sambandhar and Manikkavasagar. The route to the village where the temple is situated is very scenic.

The temple is located very close to Sadhabishegam facility in Vaitheeswaran koil.  It is just a 30 minute drive from our hotel.

Keelamperumal Kethu Naganadhaswamy temple


We all know the legendary story of churning  Parkdal in order to extract the elixir of life. God Vishnu took the Mohini avathar and was distributing the elixir of life to the Devas. Ragu was sitting in between the Devas and he was beheaded by the chakra of god Vishnu. From then on the head part was called as Ragu and the body part was called as Kethu. Kethu was raised by  a brahmin called Mini. Even though he was an Asura by birth, he grew up among the brahmins and learned everything about spirituality.

The Asuras were furious as they got distracted by god Vishnu in the form of Mohini and ended up with no  elixir of life. They assaulted the snake called Vasuki which was used to churn the Parkadal and thrown it inside a bamboo forest.  In that bad physical state, Vasuki remembered that god Shiva had to swallow the poison that got spread from its body during the churning process. Vasuki started praying towards god Shiva in order to forgive it from the bad deeds. God Shiva felt happy after seeing the true offering from Vasuki and appeared in front of it. It requested god Shiva to stay on that place and offer blessings.  He appeared as god Naganatha Swamy inside a temple and the place is called Keelamperumal.

The temple is east faced and there is a Naga theertham in front of the east facing entrance. It is believed that the theertham was formed by Vasuki when it was offering prayers to god Shiva.  In an inscription by Vikrama Cholan, Keelamperumal was mentioned as Thiruvalapuram. Legendary poets Thirunavukarasu swamigal, Thirunyanasambandhar, Sundarar had composed poetries by mentioning the place Thiruvalapuram.

Ragu and Kethu will react according to the Rashi and the position of the planets. Therefore they can cause doshas such as Puthira dhosham, kalathira dhosham, kala sarba dhosham, mangalya dhosham etc. To get rid of these dhoshas, one should worship Kethu during the yemakanda time every Monday. It is considered auspicious to worship Kethu during the month of Karthiga, when the stars Ashwini, Magam and Moolam falls on Monday.

Keelamperumal is approximately 20kms from our hotel Sadhabishegam. Have a pleasant stay here, visit Keelamperumal temple, worship Kethu to get rid of all dhoshas.

Kanchanoor – Agneeshwar Temple


Kanchanoor is a small village situated on the way from Kumbakonam to Poombukar. The temple at Kanchanoor, with the primary deity god Shiva in the name Agneeshwar is named after the god as Agneeshwar temple. The god of fire (agni)  worshiped the almighty and got cured of his disease and hence the almighty is named as Agneeshwar.

There are many interesting legends associated with this temple which we would like to share  with our readers.

Sukran was the son of Piruku Maharishi and Booloma. He was educated by Angirasa Maharishi and became guru for the Asuras. Sukran offered prayers to the almighty and learned a mantra called ‘mirudha sanjeevini’ which can give back life to the dead Asuras.

An Asura called Anthakasuran along with other Asuras was initiating a war with the Devas . All the Asuras killed by the Devas were coming back to life with the help of their guru Sukran. The Devas were shocked to see this and surrendered themselves to almighty to save them from this difficult situation. The almighty swallowed Sukran and made him rest inside his stomach. This helped the Devas to kill the Anthakasuran and win the war.

During the Vamana Avathar, god Vishnu appeared as a dwarf to help Devas to get back their land from the Asura Mahabali. God Vishnu as a dwarf brahmin was tactically requesting a small amount of land as a donation from Mahabali. Sukran realized that it was god Vishnu and tried to stop Mahabali. But Mahabali didn’t lsiten to Sukran and agreed to donate the land. It was a tradition to sprinkle holy water from a sacred vessel during such donations. Therefore, Sukran took a form of Bee and blocked the nozzle of the vessel. As the holy water was not coming out, god Vishnu poked the nozzle with  a pin which made Sukran in the form bee blind. Because of this incident, god Vishnu was cursed with Sukra dhosham. To got rid of the dhosham, god Vishnu visited Kanchanoor and offered prayers to Agneeshwar. As Sukra dhosham was cured at this temple, people suffering from the dhosham often visit this temple and offer prayers.

As Sukran was rested inside Agneeshwar’s stomach, there is no separate shrine for Sukran in this temple. All the prayers and offerings for Sukra dhosham is done for Agneeshwar itself. It is believed that goddess Karpagambigai blessed all the 3 moorthys Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in this sacred place. She is considered as the Athi Parasakthi who created the moorthys.

Kanchanoor is the birth place of Haridhatha Sivachariyar. He was initially following Vaishnavism and then changed to Saivism. It is believed that the almighty blessed him in the form Dhakshina moorthy at this sacred place and in the shrine,  it is believed that the image of Haridhathar is superimposed on the idol of Dhakshina moorthy.

A poor brahmin who lived in Kanchanoor was having a practice of feeding cows and calves. One day a calf died because of some other reason but people believed that it was because of eating the feed provided by the poor brahmin. He felt really bad because of the false accusation and approached Haridhathar to help him out. Haridhathar advised him to chant Panchatsarathai and offer cattle feed to the Nandhi idol at temple. When other were making fun of him saying how an idol can eat, he whole heatedly chanted the mantras and fed the Nandhi. To everyone’s surprise, Nandhi ate the cattle feed. Every year in the month of January, a special pooja is done on behalf of Haridhathar.

There are many such legends associated with the Kanchanoor Agneeshwar temple. This historically popular place is visited by many people to get rid of the Sukra dhosha,  to get a happy married life,  to be blessed with a child and to excel in personal and professional life.

As Kanchanoor is a small vilalge, there is no proper staying facilities available for the devotees who come from other parts. But it is just around 30 Km from our hotel Sadhabishegam. Have a pleasant stay at our hotel and visit the historically famous Kanchanoor.

Arulmigu Kailasanathar Temple – Thingaloor


We have explained about the incidents happened when the Devas (gods) and Ashuras (demons) tried to churn the Parkadal (ocean of milk) in our previous post.  Apart from the poison, there were certain other things as well which came out of the ocean. Chandhiran (Moon) was considered as one of the elements which came out of the Parkadal. When the Devas were tired because of the churning, Chandhiran performed various arts to entertain them.

Chandhiran was married to the 27 daughters of Thatchan. But he showed more love towards Rohini and Karthigai. The remaining daughters of Thatchan complained to him about the partial behavior of Chandhiran. The angry Thatchan cursed Chandhiran saying all his knowledge about 16 forms of arts will vanish. Chandhiran’s knowledge about arts started to vanish  one per day. The worried Chandhiran surrendered himself to god Shiva. God Shiva accepted his prayers and made sure that as soon as the knowledge vanish for 16 days, it will come back to Chandhiran in the next 16 days.  The place where Chandhiran surrendered himself to God and offered prayers is called Thingaloor.

The temple is easily accessible from Tanjore. The primary deity is god Shiva in the name Kailasanathar and goddess Parvathi in the name Periyanayaki.  Every year during Panguni uthiram, sunlight falls on the idol of Kailasanathar in the morning and on the next day evening, moon light falls on the idol. Special prayers are offered during these 2 days.

In a Tamil epic called Periyapuranam, legends of 63 Nayanmarkals were mentioned. Out of those, Appothi adigal and Thirunavukarasar were closely related to Thingaloor. Appothi Adigalar  was having great respect for Thirunavukarasar. Appothi Adigalar was doing many good deeds such as free food, water and accommodation in the name of Thirunavukarasar.

One day, Thirunavukarasar planned to visit Thingaloor and worship god Kailasanathar. On his way, he saw many places functioning under his name and helping people who were in need. Amazed by this excellent work, he enquired and came to know about Appothi Adigalar.

Thirunavukarasar visited Appothi Adigalar’s house to praise him for the good deeds he was doing. Appothi Adigalar was ecstatic to see his idol Thirunavukarasar at his very own house. He humbly requested Thirunavukarasar to have some food. While the food was getting ready, Thirunavukarasar was visiting the temple to offer his prayers. Once the food was ready, Appothi Adigala asked his elder son to get some plantain leaves from the backyard which are generally used to serve food.

Unfortunately, a snake bitten Appothi Adigalar’s son and he died on the spot. Irrespective of his own son’s death, Appothi Adigalar did not want to disappoint his guest and wanted to serve him a grand feast. Somehow Thirunavukarasar sensed that something is wrong and when he came to know about the incident he was shocked. Immediately, he took the body of the kid to Kailasanathar’s temple and offered prayers through songs and chants. God Kailasanathar after seeing the selfless devotion of Appothi Adigalar and Thirunavukarasar, he blessed the boy his life back.

It is believed that no harm can happen if a snake bite someone at the temple premises. Idols of Thirunavukarasar, Appothi Adigalar, his wife and 2 sons are presented in the temple. Many people visit this temple to get rid of doshas, for betterment of health and to get rid of obstacles and achieve success

Thingaloor is approximately 90Km from Hotel Sadhabishegam

Apthasahayeshwar Temple – Alangudi


Alangudi is a place in Tanjore district. Kumbakonam and Manarkudi are the nearby major town from which Alangudi can be reached easily by bus. The primary deity of the temple situated in Alangudi is god Shiva in the name Apthasahayeshwar. The godess is Yelavar Kuzhal Ambigai. This temple is also one of the Navagraha Sthalas for the Navagraha Guru.

When the Devas (gods) and Ashuras (demons) tried to churn the Parkadal (ocean of milk) a type of poison called ‘alagala visham’ started to spread out of the ocean. The whole universe including the Devas and Ashuras were affected by the powerful poison. Everyone surrendered to god Shiva, requesting him to save the universe from the ill effects of the poison. God Shiva immediately swallowed the poison to protect the universe but made sure that he contained it in his throat. As he saved the universe from the ‘alagala visham’, he is called as ‘Apthasahayeshwar’

Gajasuran was a demon son of Rishi Magadhar. He was arrogant because of his demon powers and created troubles to others. He started to destroy the world by creating heavy floods. The Devas sought help from god Ganapthi. Ganapathi used his trunk to absorb all the flood water and killed the demon. Therefore he is called as ‘kalangamal katha Ganapathi’ (Ganapathi who saved without any fear) and there is a separate shrine for him in the Alangudi temple.

The famous poets Appar, Sambandhar and Sundarar sang about this place in Tamil literature. Poet Sundarar was reborn in the earth to serve Tamil language by means of literature such as Devaram. When he visited Alangudi for the same purpose,  there was a heavy flood. The poet was rescued by a boat sailor. Later the poet realized that it was god Shiva who rescued him.

Once goddess Parvathi was playing with her friends. When she raised her hand to catch a ball, the Sun god thought that the goddess was instructing him to stood still. Because the Sun god stood still, the normal day to day activities around the world got affected. As one childish act by the goddess affected the entire world, god Shiva cursed her to be born as a human.  Parvathi was born in Alangudi as a human. She offered prayers wholeheartedly everyday . God Shiva accepted her prayers and married her.

The primary deity is facing the east direction and the goddess faces towards the south in this temple. As the goddess offered prayers and got married as per her wish, people who want to get married visit this temple and offer prayers frequently. Worshiping and offering special prayers for Navagraha Guru on Thursdays can help to get rid of obstacles and difficulties in life. Worshiping the ’kalangamal katha Ganapathi’ of this temple brings success in business. Visit the Alangudi temple, offer prayers, get rid of all the obstacles and take home happiness. The temple is just 153 kms from our hotel Sadhabishegam.