Here is what 2 award winning artists from Chennai say about hotel Sadhabishegam


Recently we had an opportunity to serve famous artists Mr. Muralidharan and Mr.Narendrababu from Chennai. The purpose of their visit was to explore the historic temples and transform the culture in to paintings.  We are overwhelmed by the feedback given by them after the stay and we are happy to share the proud moment with you all

How was the stay at Hotel Sadhabishegam?

Mr.Narendra Babu – I am completely satisfied with my stay at hotel Sadhabishegam. The stay gave a traditional feel and I thoroughly enjoyed the gardens with beautiful landscaping.

Mr. Muralidharan – The hospitality and the ambiance of hotel Sadhabishegam made my stay a pleasant one. The morning walk along the garden among the birds is something I can never forget.

How unique is hotel Sadhabishegam compared to other hotels you have stayed?

Mr.Narendra Babu – Hotel Sadhabishegam is a non-commercialized hotel. The entire area is surrounded by greeneries which give a pleasant break for our eyes from the usual concrete buildings.

Mr. Muralidharan – My native place is Thanjavore itself and hotel Sadhabishegam gave an instant homely feel. The calm and serene atmosphere makes it a place to visit again.

Was it easy to reach other places from the hotel?

Mr.Narendra Babu – Yes. We were able to reach all the nearby places by bus and the bus stops nearby to Hotel Sadhabishegam.

Mr. Muralidharan – Yes. The staffs were very helpful and suggested the must see places in and around Vaitheeswaran koil. We covered all the major temples, towns and historic places easily from the hotel.

How was the stay helpful for the purpose of your visit?

Mr.Narendra Babu – The stay at hotel Sadhabishegam gave a devotional feeling and helped me to connect with the kind of paintings I wanted to draw. It is the place to stay for all the artistic people who visit Vaithesswaran Koil.

Mr. Muralidharan – The stay helped me to serve the purpose of my visit. If I had stayed in any other hotel without such nice atmosphere, I wouldn’t have painted at all.



Sooriyanar Koil


Ever since the human race started to believe in almighty and incorporated worshiping as a practice, Sun was considered one of the primary gods.  This practice had been mentioned in many literary and epic works such as Rig Veda, Tholkapiyam, Silapathigaram.  It is believed that god Rama was born in the ‘Ragu Vamsam’ dynasty and when we was fighting against Ravana, saint Agathiyar taught him ‘Athithya Hruthayam’ a mantra dedicated to the Sun god.

Dates, days, weeks, months, horoscope, zodiac signs are calculated based on ‘Sooriya Sithantham’. When Sun moves from one zodiac sign to another, a new month starts. ‘Thai Madham’ is considered as the best month for Sun as the crops are cultivated during this time period. Pongal/ Magra Sankranthi a festival dedicated to Sun god and to cherish the harvest is celebrated on this month.

Sun is considered as the main graha among the Navagrahas. The first day of the week is also named after Sun. Sun god is mainly depicted as crimson red in color, wearing a red dress, holding a lotus flower on his hand and sitting in Badmasana position.

In Tamilnadu, Sooriyanar koil, Thirukandiyur and Panayapuram are the three temples  for Sun god. Sooriyanar Koil is located in the Tanjore district. Can be reached through Mayiladurai-Kumbakonam train route which stops at a station called ‘Aduthurai’. Sooriyanar Koil is 2km from Aduthurai. Can be reached through buses from Mayiladurai, Kumbakonam and Aduthurai.

Kaalava Munivar a saint who was capable of predicting the future came to know that he could suffer from leprosy. He worshiped the Navagrahas wholeheartedly to get over the misery he was about to suffer. By seeing the saint’s devotion, the Navagrahas granted the boon and the saint was not affected by leprosy. But this made lord Brahma angry. As the destined thing didn’t happen, he cursed the Navagrahs to suffer from the same disease

To get over the curse, the Navagrahas visited a holy place called Thirumangalakudi and worshiped the goddess Mangala Nayaki. Then they traveled North-East and started worshiping god Ganesha to get rid of the disease. Ganesha removed the curse and cured the disease. Later Kaalava Munivar formed a temple for Navagrahas in the same place

The Sun god married a girl called Sanjigai who is also called as Usha. Vaivachu thamanu, Yaman, Yamunai and Ashwini are the children of Sun god and Sanjigai. But Sajigai was not able to bear the heat of Sun god. So she created a shadow form of her called Prathiyusha. Savarni, Manu, Sani, Pathirai are the children of Sun god and Prathiyusha. Therefore in Sooriyanar Koil, along with Sun god, Sanjigai and Prathiyusha are also presented.

Lord Guru whose shrine is on the west side of the temple is said to quench the fury of the Sun god. There are separate shrines for Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Kethu.

Unlike other temples, one have to follow a method while worshiping in Sooriyanar temple. The worship should start by visiting the Sooriya Pushkarani pond and should end by visiting the shrine for god Ganesha. The instructions along with the directions to follow are clearly mentioned on the temple.

It is also believed that after visiting the Sooriyanar koil, one should visit the temple at Thirumanagal Kudi which helped the Navagrahas to get over their curse.

Sooriyanar Koil with its uniqueness such as Sun god along with his wives Sanjigai and Parthiyusha , separate shrine for each grahas and the god Ganesha who helps to get rid of illness makes it a must visit sacred place and it is just 25kms from our Hotel Sadhabishegam.

Koothanoor Saraswathi Temple


Will power, Power of action and Power of intellect are the three major powers of this world. Goddess Durga of Kolkata is worshipped for will power, goddess Lakshmi of Mumbai is worshipped for power of action and goddess Sarawathi of Koothanoor is worshipped for power of intellect.

The only temple for goddess Saraswathi in Tamilnadu is situated in Koothanoor on the way from Mayiladurai to Thiruvarur.

Goddess Saraswathi not only resides in this temple but also blesses her devotees in the form of holy water from a nearby river called Arisol Aaru where she merges with river Ganga and Yamuna.

Once, goddess Parvathi was born as a human on earth to Parvatharajan. When god Shiva came to marry her, he transformed river Ganga which usually resides on his head in to a woman.  He asked a sage named Baskaran to take care of Ganga. He warned the sage not to allow her near the river. One day, the sage was taking bath in Arisol Aaru. He forgot the warning and asked Ganga to bring a vessel. When Ganga approached the river, because of her basic characteristics, she changed in to water and merged with the river. It look a while for the sage to understand that it was river Ganga and god Shiva is the one who asked him to take care of it. The place where river Ganga joined with Arisol Aaru is called as “Ruthra Ganga”

Once there was a controversial debate between god Brahma and god Saraswathi. Because of that, they were born as humans on the earth in the names Bagukandhan and Sirathai. When Sirathai’s father Punniya Keerthi was arranging a wedding for her, she was worshipping the god whole heartedly.  By seeing her devotion, the god blessed her; she becomes goddess Saraswathi and resides at the Koothanoor Temple.  As there was no separate temple or puja for god Brahma, whenever rituals are done to satisfy our ancestors (tharpanam, pithru karma) a special puja will be done for god Brahma. The river shore along the Koothanoor temple is famous for such rituals.

During the era of Kirshna Avatar, the river Yamuna merged with the Ruthra Ganga to wash away her sins. Therefore, the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Sarawathi is considered sacred. This place was called as Ambalpuri, Hari Nageshwaram etc and during the reign of Raja Raja Cholan II, the king who gifted this place to his poet Ottakoothar. There after, this place is called as koothan+oor = Koothanoor and there is a legend that the goddess saved Ottakoothar from his enemies. She also blessed her devotee Purushotham who was dumb by birth with the ability to speak

Goddess Saraswathi is depicted in a white saree with 4 hands and mounted on a white lotus. Apart from goddess Saraswathi, there are separate shrines for Brahma, Nataraj, Vinayaka and Subramanya. There is a statue for poet Ottakoothar as well. It is noted that there is no Navagraha  sthala in this temple.

The full moon day is considered auspicious for the goddess and abishegam is done with pure honey. It is believed that by having that honey as prasadam, one can acquire skills to excel in education.

Sarawathi pooja and Navarathri are considered special and devotees can perform pujas on their own to the goddess. During Vijayadhasami, artists and pundits visit the temple and perform various rituals. Students generally visit the temple before exams and worship goddess Sarawathi for good marks.

Koothanoor Saraswathi temple is approximately 40 Kms from hotel Sadhabishegam. Visit this temple with your family, perform abishegam with pure honey, gain knowledge and intellect .


Miracle water of Vaitheeswaran Koil


Vaitheeswaran koil, the famous temple, is situated in Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu. Lord Shiva is the primary deity here in the name Vaitheeswaran. The water in the tank of this temple is considered holy and the prasadham is considered a medicine. People who have health ailments visit this temple to get cured.

There is a separate shrine for lord Parvathi (Thaiyal Nayagi) and lord Muruga (Selvamuthukumaraswamy).

There are many interesting legends which praise the healing power of the deities and the holy water of the Sithamirtha tank in the temple.

As per the Hindu Mythology, there was a war between Lord Muruga and Asuras (demons) in which many were injured. Lord Muruga prayed for Lord Shiva and Parvathy to treat the injured. They appeared as Vaitheeswaran and Thaiyal nayagi and treated the injured with “Amirtha Sanjeevi” herb along with the soil taken from the roots of “Vishwa tree”

Muthuswamy Dikshitar – One among the musical trinity of carnatic music was losing his eyesight. He prayed Lord Muruga wholeheartedly to help him cure his critical condition. Lord Muruga appeared in his dream as Selvamuthukumaraswamy, asked him to bathe in the Sithamirtha tank of Vaitheeswaran koil and visit his shrine.

Dikshitar followed the instructions and got his eyesight back. He dedicated a song to Lord Muruga praising his kindness towards his devotees.

A rich merchant from a place called Kanadukathan was suffering from leprosy. He prayed lord Selvamuthukumaraswamy and took bath in the holy water for 90 days. After the 90th day, the disease was completely cured.

Delhi Nawab’s military head was suffering from a severe stomach pain. No medicine was able to cure it. He visited Vaitheeswaran koil and after worshipping in the shrine, his pain got cured. He gifted several invaluable ornaments for the deities of the temple. He started a trust and special poojas are done till date under the trust.

Another devotee called Sundhan got his leukoderma cured here. A person called Thakkan’s beheaded body and head were joined together after sprinkling the holy water on the body.

It is believed that almost 4448 diseases have been cured by visiting this temple.  Even the air we breathe is impure these days but the purity of the holy water of Sithamirtha tank is maintained till date. No wonder devotees from all over India visit this place.

Experience the holiness of Vaitheeswaran Koil by having a pleasant stay at our Hotel Sadhabishegam.

Famous Temples Near the Navagraha Sthalams



Thirukadaiyur is a temple town located in the Nagapattinam district. The famous temple here is the Amirtaghateswarar temple with the primary deity Amirtaghateshwarar (Lord Shiva). The legend about this place is that Lord Shiva killed Yama (deity of death) to save his devotee Markandeya. Therefore, it is believed that visiting this temple and worshiping lord Shiva gives longer life. This temple is famous for shashtiaptha poorthi (completing 60 years of marriage). The 60th wedding will be performed here and the couples offer prayers along with their family members for a longer life.


Thirumanancheri is a village in Nagapattinam district. Sri Kalyanasundareswarar swamy temple is the famous temple here with the primary deity Kalyanasundareswarar (Lord Shiva). Parvathi devi offered prayers with immense devotion for many days to marry lord Shiva. Her wish came true and she married lord Shiva with the acceptance of her parents. Therefore, it is believed that visiting this temple and praying lord Shiva and Parvathi by offering a garland can remove obstacles and make the wedding wishes come true.


Thirukarugavoor is a place in the Tanjore disctrict. The famous temple situated here is the Garbharakshambigai temple.  The legend says that god Parvathi saved her devotee and her unborn child from the curse of a rishi. This temple is visited by women who are having difficulties in getting conceived and pregnant ladies to protect their unborn child and to have a safe delivery.


Kollumangudi is a place in the Nagapatinam district. The famous temple here is the Sthalasayana Perumal Temple. Lord Vishnu is the primary deity in the name Sthalasayana Perumal. The legend says that once there was an argument between Adhisheshan  (snake) and Garuda (eagle) regarding who possess more devotion towards lord Vishnu. When they took the issue to lord Vishnu, he favored Adhisheshan. From then onwards, Adhisheshan resides in the temple under lord Vishnu’s bed. It is believed that people who are having ‘Naga Dhosham’ should visit this temple to get rid of the ill effects caused by the dhosham.


Koothanur is a small village in Thiruvarur district. The famous Koothanur Maha Saraswathi temple is situated here. It is the only temple for goddess Saraswathi in Tamilnadu. As we all know that Saraswathi is the deity for education and knowledge, people bring their children here before their first time admission in the school. The children are made to write a letter for the first time on a small heap of rice in front of the deity. Prayers are offered for good education, knowledge and success. People who work in the field of art, music and craftsmanship also visit this temple.

Whenever you are planning to visit the Navagraha Sthalams, don’t forget to visit these famous temples nearby and do not worry about the stay because all these temples are easily reachable from our hotel Sadhabishegam.

Thirukadaiyur – Our hotel is situated in the same temple town

Thirumanancheri – 23 km from our hotel

Thirukarugavoor – 60 km from our hotel

Kollumangudi – 34 km from our hotel

Koothanur – 42 km from our hotel

* The distances are mentioned approximately.

Navagraha temples in Tamilnadu


Our life is devised in a way that one should go through different nature of events – ups and downs, happiness and sadness, failure and success. Nothing is permanent and life can take turn of events in a most unexpected way.

When every minute is uncertain, how life can be assured with faith, believes and positivity? Our ancestors, intelligent chaps formulated a system for it. They correlated the sufferings one goes through in his/her life with planetary movements.

The system is as follows,

Nava – nine, graham- planets. Nava graham indicates the nine planets which influence human life to a great extend. The Hindu astrology is based on position of each of these planets at the time of birth of a person. The zodiac is divided in to 12 zones and 30 degrees each. Each of these planets will cross a particular zone during a particular period and based on the position one’s life is influenced. These 9 planets are considered as deities and worshipped.

Below are the 9 navagraha temples situated in Tamilnadu

Suryanar Koil

Primary deity – Suriyanar (Sun)

This is the only temple dedicated for the graham itself. In the remaining 8 temples lord Shiva is the main deity. The Sun god has hair and arms made of gold and his chariot is pulled by 7 horses. Sun god is the giver of wealth and prosperity. A harvesting festival called Pongal is celebrated on the month of January to thank the Sun god.

Kailasanathar Temple – Thingaloor

Primary deity – Kailasanathar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Chandran (Moon)

The Moon god is described as young and beautiful. He has a club and a lotus on his hands. His chariot is pulled by ten white horses. He is worshipped for long life and to get rid of sorrows in life.

Vaitheeswaran koil

Primary deity – Vaithyanadha Swamy (Shiva) Presiding deity – Sevvai (Mars)

Mars believed to be son of Earth is depicted as red, has four arms which carries trident, club, lotus and a spear. Worshipping Mars on Tuesday will help to get rid of problems. This temple is famous for its water which has a healing power. Read more about it here.

Swetharanyeswarar Temple – Thiruvenkadu

Primary deity – Swetharanyeswarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Bhudhan (Mercury)

Mercury is considered as son of Moon. He is depicted sitting on a lion with a scimitar, club and a shield. His body is green in color and his character is said to be modest and eloquent. Worshipping Mercury can enhance one’s communication skill and can bring good business for the merchants.

Abathsahayeswarar temple – Alangudi

Primary deity – Abathsahayeswarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Viyazhan called Dhakshina Murthy (Jupiter)

Dhakshina Murthy represents knowledge. He is described as yellow or golden in color and holds a stick, lotus and beads. His vehicle is said to be an elephant or a chariot drawn by 8 horses. He is also described as a lotus flower.

Agniswarar temple – Kanjanur

Primary deity – Agniswarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Sukran (Venus)

Sukran is white complexioned and holds stick beads and a lotus. There is a particular direction called Sukra dhisai which is believed to bring luck and wealth. If a person’s horoscope has this direction, he is likely to get a good life. Sukran is worshipped for wealth and child birth.

Saniswaran temple- Thirunallar

Primary deity – Dharbaranyeshwarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Sani (Saturn)

Sani is the son of Suryan. Even though he represents career and longevity, it is believed that he can cause harm effects. It is because, when Sani opened eyes for the first time, the Sun went in to eclipse .Depicted dark in color; he is mounted on a crow holding sword, arrows and two daggers. Offering prayers to Sani on Saturday can help to get rid of the harm effects.

Naganathar Swamy Temple – Thirunageshwaram

Primary deity – Naganathar Swamy (Shiva) Presiding deity – Rahu (North Lunar Node)

Rahu is said to be the head of the demonic snake which drank the divine nectar called ‘amirtham’ and got killed by lord Vishnu.  The Rahu kalam is considered as inauspicious. During Rahu kalam milk used for the shower of the deity turns blue in this temple. Rahu is believed to give sudden luck and can also cause harm effects like Sani.

Naganatha swamy temple – Keezhaperumpallam

Primary deity – Naganathar Swamy (Shiva) Presiding deity – Kethu (South Lunar Node)

Kethu is said to be the tail of the demonic snake. He is the giver of moksham (liberalization from birth-death cycle). People suffer from kethu dosha visitis this temple.

As we said earlier, life is full of ups and downs. When everything goes against our wish, having faith in the almighty and believing that the bad will pass and the good will arrive is the best we can do.



Thirukkadaiyur Temple – Legend 2 – Abirami Pattar


Legends, mythical stories and deodorant advertisements have one thing common among them. Almost always, there remains no truth in them. But at the same time, it is hard to leave them and move on, for, there’s something more fragrant and deep in them – the content. It’s easy to discard off these legends are plain myths, but in doing so we are only failing to account for the purpose for which the legends are made – to educate values to people.

Good over evil, conviction to do things, the concept of optimism and trust – our legends pack in them innumerable content that international self-help books say. But we make those books a bestseller and care a dime about the stories from our own backyard. Let’s see one such story of ‘Abirami Pattar’, the one who featured a part in the legacy of Thirukkadaiyur temple.

Abirami pattar born as Subramaniya iyer in Thirukkadaiyur was an admirer and devotee of goddess Abirami. As he grew, the devotion grew along with him. He always meditated and sang songs about the goddess. He was so much enchanted by the characteristics of the goddess Abirami that he saw the goddess in every woman. He often offered flowers to the women visited the temple.

Many were offended by this act. Nevertheless, there were a few who considered him a true devotee. Subramaniya was also good at predicting the movement of sun and moon by which he calculated the auspicious days.

One fine day, King Sarboji was visiting the temple. On seeing the king, people offered their respect. Subramaniya, who was in deep meditation, failed to notice the arrival of the king.  Irritated by the act, the king asked the people around about Subramaniya. While most of them called him for a mad man, one of the priests there explained that Subramaniya was a devotee of goddess Abirami and good at predicting auspicious days.

By hearing the two contradictory statements, the king wanted to test Subramaniya himself. The king went near Subramaniya and asked whether that particular day was a full moon day or new moon day. Subramaniya, in his meditation was seeing the glowing face of goddess Abirami, mistaking it for moon, he told that it was a full moon day.

In reality, it was a new moon day. The angry king decided that Subramaniya was a mad man and ordered that Subramaniya’s head would be cut off if the moon did not appear on the sky by 6 pm.

Once out of his meditation, Subramaniya realized the mistake and surrendered himself to goddess Abirami. He lit a huge fire around him and he sat on a platform above it, supported by 100 ropes. He recited verses praising the goddess. He started to cut one rope after completing each verse. While he completed the 78th verse and started the 79th, goddess Abirami appeared in front of him. She threw her diamond earring towards the sky which appeared as a full moon on the sky.

By seeing the moon in the sky, the king realized his mistake and ran to the temple to meet Subramaniya. He instantly apologized and by seeing Subramaniya’s devotion, he named him ‘ Abirami Pattar’. Later, Abirami Pattar finished the remaining verses and it was collectively called as ‘Abirami Anthathi’.

If we have the self-belief and trust, we can make the impossible, possible is the takeaway of this story, isn’t it? Also yes, never answer anyone when you are half asleep or in a deep meditation.

Remember the devotion of Abirami Pattar next time you visit Thirukkadaiyur temple. And also remember Hotel Sadhabishegam offers excellent lodging facilities while you are there.

Interesting fact – ‘Anthathi’ is a form of literature which is very difficult to compose. In an anthathi, the last word of a verse has to be the starting word of the next verse.

Read about another legend Markandeya here.

Hotel Sadhabishegam – We listen to you.


Even the smoothest of skin has a mole somewhere. Even the coolest of breeze carries a stench sometimes. We, Hotel Sadhabishegam, get inundated  with a number of positive reviews from our satisfied customers. But sometimes, we make mistakes. We are not Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid to make everything look perfect. We do have flaws. And it takes a powerful voice of one of our lovely customer to give a tight slap to us and wake us up from the slumbers of our complacency. It is reviews such as these that make us improve.

We extend our heartiest thanks to Mr.Adithya for reviewing us on TripAdvisor. Find below his review of Hotel Sadhabishegam, in his own words.


We booked 2 rooms here and in one room lights were not glowing and hence had to be changed. The other room had host of issues like non functioning AC, No remote for the Television. We had to repeatedly follow up with the reception and it takes not less than 30 minutes for them to respond. The AC problem was fixed at 2200 hrs (after 1 hour of follow up). My kids were hungry and we wanted to give them some fruits which we had. I asked for a plate and a knife which was given after 40 minutes. One look at the knife (see photo) resulted in nausea. The guy added it is the same knife they use to cut vegetables. The rooms are extremely dirty and untidy. Floors are stained and toilets are stinking. The staff at the reception are very cold and sometimes show dis respect. They charge Rs.3000/- per day for the room (In a place like Vaitheeswaran Koil) and do not maintain the standsrds. I felt cheated and would not recommend anyone to stay here and you have better options in Kumbakonam which is about 1 hour drive.

Toilet dirtyKnife



(Images as posted by Mr.Adithya on TripAdvisor)



Ouch! That was indeed a scathing review sir. But we would like to extend our warmest of thanks to you for taking your time to make us better. We have always been getting ‘excellent’, ‘best value for money’ type of reviews and this review just shook us off our seat and woke us up from hibernation. Your review triggered a volley of changes to our modes of operation and we feel it is our duty to let you and others informed about them.

Air conditioning and lighting:

Every room is now inspected thoroughly before handing over the keys for any discomfort that it may cause the guests who are entering. This includes checking of the AC’s working condition, it’s cooling and the working of the lights in the room. A check list is prepared to the hotel’s hospitality team and the items in it includes ensuring that the TV in the room has been provided with a functioning remote. Since the charge in the battery cannot be predicted, we have also stocked ample quantities of AA+ batteries in case the charge drains out.




We have always implemented very strict cleanliness standards in our hotel and we have made them stricter now. The one in the review was an unfortunate goof-up from our side and we have no shame in taking responsibility for that. The floors are now mopped with greater care and we are ensuring that the stains are removed as much as possible, retaining the floor’s original colour to its closest natural state.




If there’s one thing that we have learnt in this hospitality industry, it is that the needs of customers must be anticipated as extensively as possible. Thus, this knife issue was an eye-opener for us in more than one sorts. We have now equipped rooms with new knives and these knives are cleaned after every room checkout. However, the knives will be available on demand as a part of room-service, as we don’t want the knives to be easily accessible to the hands of children. As a precautionary measure, we have also kept our first-aid box ready.




Staff behaviour:

Though we trust our staff to exhibit a high standard of hospitality professionalism towards our guests, we neither want to refute nor defend the bad comment made in the review. We understand that the negative comment is because of the inconvenience experienced by the guest and we extend our sincere apology for the same. However, from our side, to stop this from recurring, we have arranged for a number of hospitality and behavioural workshops for our staff and we believe this would have augmented our service standards.

20140717_095221 20140717_114623


The purpose of this post is not to justify our stand. It is not to prove the review wrong. It’s just one of our means to let you all know that you are the most important pillar of our hotel and we will do all it takes to make your stay comfortable. Say whatever you feel like. We are always listening to you and are willing to correct our mistakes, if any.

(And Mr. Adithya sir, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We definitely want to serve you to your peak satisfaction. We humbly request you to make your stay one more time in our hotel the next time you visit Vaitheeswaran Koil. We promise you to serve better.)

Hotel Sadhabishegam – Words of appreciation


As you all might be aware, we at hotel Sadhabishegam strive to provide a top quality boarding and lodging facility for pilgrims to Vaitheeswaran Koil at affordable rates. Our quest to constantly improve the quality of service to customers has always been appreciated by our customers and based on their feedback, we are eternally running towards the mirage of perfection. We know we won’t get there. But we know we will always be inching closer and closer to it only if we continuously keep running towards it. The next few blogposts here, will revolve around some of our customers’ feedback that they shared either with us directly or through social media.

Hotel Sadhabishegam, Vaitheeswaran Koil

The tradition of Tamil meals starts with a sweet. So does the first post here. This post revolves around the sweet things our sweet customers had to say about us. The text found below are exact verbatim of their reviews.

“Stayed here overnight with Aged parents in comfort cottage. Even though I had booked through email without an advance 2 weeks in advance the room was reserved for me – I also arrived at 2130 hrs after a long drive from Chennai via Nagai. Friendly,courteous front office staff. Good South Indian Snacks and coffee. Beautiful lawns in front of the rooms. A bit costly but a trouble free stay.”

-  Mr. Kramesh, Mumbai


“We as a family stayed in this hotel when we visited the famous temple in this place. Very nice location in a spacious campus with lot of greenery round. Had a very pleasant stay with good food to eat. Service was good. Very well maintained neat hotel.”

-Mr. N.Chandrasekaran, Chennai


“Considering the location, its a very good hotel and good value for money. The rooms are very spacious and the toilets are relatively clean. The hotel ambiance was very good with lot of greenery. They have a few designs in the lawn. I like the way they designed the Resort type rooms.
It has 2 rooms(kinda like a house). Small hall and big room. and if you are going with a car driver, you can think of utilizing this type of rooms where in he can stay in the hall(its got a bed also) and your family can stay in the big room. Toilets are accessible for both without disturbing each others privacy. Big room has a door as well. ”

- TripAdvisor Profile name: Travel_business2013


“The hotel has a cottage type look which we never visited anywhere before. Very close to Vaitheeswaran temple. The food was excellent with moderately priced. My kid enjoyed the garden particularly the slide after the tough mundane time. I would want people to visit this hotel at least once in their life time. With lot of space and greenery, it was indeed a very pleasant stay. And that too with makemytrip Rs. 500 discount was like a cherry on the cake.”

- Ms. Preeti Kapil


“It was a pleasant satisfying experience, for you go these temple towns for pilgrimage , not for seeking pleasure. The hotel was neat, tidy and certainly the best hotel south of Puduchery.”

- Mr. Ravindran Pranatharthy


Thanks to all who took the pains to write their reviews and appreciated our efforts to provide a top class ambiance to our clients. But yes, every coin has two sides. The ones mentioned here are some of the good reviews we had got. But it doesn’t mean that we are flawless and have no not-so-good reviews against our name. The good reviews motivate us to maintain our standards and the not-so-good reviews make us run towards the perfection. But we do listen to every single feedback you give. The next set of posts will discuss on a case-on-case basis about the not-so-good feedback of our customers and how we are striving to mitigate those issues and hence inch towards perfection.

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Vaitheeswaran Koil – what the Legend says…


The modern world, with thousands of scientific breakthroughs and millions of inventions, has increased the life span and has mitigated the pains and sufferings of us, the humans. Yet, this process of healing and curing has no end. Ever changing environment and evolving lifestyle unearth new illness everyday and science invents medicines to counter them the next day. A never ending cat and mouse game that always has medicines in the present for the illness of the past and medicines in the future for the illness of the present. The illness vary, the humans vary, the medicines vary, but there’s one thing that all these medicines have in common: Belief.

Vaitheeswaran_KoilVaitheeswaran Koil, located at Sirgazhi-Mayiladuthurai road, is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to have healing powers and that’s the reason why the deity in the temple is named as ‘Vaitheeswaran’, meaning the God of healing. Devotees offer prayers to the Lord with the belief and hope in them that God would cure the illness of them or their loved ones.

A belief  may not have a proof to substantiate it’s claim, but it gives a person the all needed conviction to trust it and bring about a positive change in the person, from within. What gives a person that conviction? His knowledge? His experience? No. It is the conviction of the world around him. The belief that Vaidheeswaran will cure all the ailments is the conviction of Hindus, transcended to people from generation and generations of their ancestors.

There are a few instances from our cultural history that map Vaitheeswaran Koil as the focal point of healing ailments. During the Ramayana period, Rama, Lakshmana and Saptarishi have worshiped in this place. It is believed that Vulture King Jatayu, who was killed by Ravana when the former tried to prevent the abduction of Sita, was buried in this place. The pond in the temple is hence called Jatayu Kundam (pot of Jatayu containing his holy ash).

Another legend says that Parvati, the consort of Shiva, asked her son, Muruga to appear with one face from his regular appearance of six faces. When he did so, she was pleased and presented him with a Vel to slay the demons. Lord Muruga overcame the asura Surapadman (a demon) and in the war but his army was severely injured. Lord Shiva came out as the healer Vaitheeswaran and cured the wounds of the soldiers, and hence the name.

The next time you pack your travel to have the darshan and blessings of Lord Vaitheeswara, remember that your devotion and hope are a few of powerful medicines you have with you to keep you happy and healthy. Well, while the deity in Vaitheeswaran Koil takes care of your health, we at Hotel Sadhabishegam will take care of your hospitality there. So, don’t worry about quality food and stay while you plan your trip.  :)