Rotary Club Inner Wheel Event – A pat on our back


The feeling after completing a tough job perfectly or getting recognition for your hard work or simply getting a nod of approval from an expert for the work you have done is  always a thing to rejoice, isn’t it? That  was exactly how we felt at the end of rotary club inner wheel event held  at our Hotel . Our service was appreciated by not just an expert but a group of 150 experts!

Yes, we were given a challenging task of providing service to a group of 150 women.Apart from food and accommodation, we equipped our conference hall with required facilities for the event. The event was a  grand success that saw no  glitches and above all we  received excellent feedback from the guests.

Hotel Sadhabishegam Conference Hall

Hotel Sadhabishegam Conference Hall

Hotel Sadhabishegam Conference Hall

On  a scale of excellent to poor, we received excellent and good as ratings for most of our services such as staff courtesy, room service, restaurant service, quality of food and house-keeping.

 Hotel Sadhabishegam

Appreciations like these make us strive towards excellence. Thanks to these empowering responses, Hotel Sadhabishegam will  work towards improvement and customer satisfaction with a greater zeal and will look forward to your continued support.