Vaitheeswaran Koil – what the Legend says…


The modern world, with thousands of scientific breakthroughs and millions of inventions, has increased the life span and has mitigated the pains and sufferings of us, the humans. Yet, this process of healing and curing has no end. Ever changing environment and evolving lifestyle unearth new illness everyday and science invents medicines to counter them the next day. A never ending cat and mouse game that always has medicines in the present for the illness of the past and medicines in the future for the illness of the present. The illness vary, the humans vary, the medicines vary, but there’s one thing that all these medicines have in common: Belief.

Vaitheeswaran_KoilVaitheeswaran Koil, located at Sirgazhi-Mayiladuthurai road, is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to have healing powers and that’s the reason why the deity in the temple is named as ‘Vaitheeswaran’, meaning the God of healing. Devotees offer prayers to the Lord with the belief and hope in them that God would cure the illness of them or their loved ones.

A belief  may not have a proof to substantiate it’s claim, but it gives a person the all needed conviction to trust it and bring about a positive change in the person, from within. What gives a person that conviction? His knowledge? His experience? No. It is the conviction of the world around him. The belief that Vaidheeswaran will cure all the ailments is the conviction of Hindus, transcended to people from generation and generations of their ancestors.

There are a few instances from our cultural history that map Vaitheeswaran Koil as the focal point of healing ailments. During the Ramayana period, Rama, Lakshmana and Saptarishi have worshiped in this place. It is believed that Vulture King Jatayu, who was killed by Ravana when the former tried to prevent the abduction of Sita, was buried in this place. The pond in the temple is hence called Jatayu Kundam (pot of Jatayu containing his holy ash).

Another legend says that Parvati, the consort of Shiva, asked her son, Muruga to appear with one face from his regular appearance of six faces. When he did so, she was pleased and presented him with a Vel to slay the demons. Lord Muruga overcame the asura Surapadman (a demon) and in the war but his army was severely injured. Lord Shiva came out as the healer Vaitheeswaran and cured the wounds of the soldiers, and hence the name.

The next time you pack your travel to have the darshan and blessings of Lord Vaitheeswara, remember that your devotion and hope are a few of powerful medicines you have with you to keep you happy and healthy. Well, while the deity in Vaitheeswaran Koil takes care of your health, we at Hotel Sadhabishegam will take care of your hospitality there. So, don’t worry about quality food and stay while you plan your trip.  :)