Hotel Sadhabishegam – Words of appreciation


As you all might be aware, we at hotel Sadhabishegam strive to provide a top quality boarding and lodging facility for pilgrims to Vaitheeswaran Koil at affordable rates. Our quest to constantly improve the quality of service to customers has always been appreciated by our customers and based on their feedback, we are eternally running towards the mirage of perfection. We know we won’t get there. But we know we will always be inching closer and closer to it only if we continuously keep running towards it. The next few blogposts here, will revolve around some of our customers’ feedback that they shared either with us directly or through social media.

Hotel Sadhabishegam, Vaitheeswaran Koil

The tradition of Tamil meals starts with a sweet. So does the first post here. This post revolves around the sweet things our sweet customers had to say about us. The text found below are exact verbatim of their reviews.

“Stayed here overnight with Aged parents in comfort cottage. Even though I had booked through email without an advance 2 weeks in advance the room was reserved for me – I also arrived at 2130 hrs after a long drive from Chennai via Nagai. Friendly,courteous front office staff. Good South Indian Snacks and coffee. Beautiful lawns in front of the rooms. A bit costly but a trouble free stay.”

-  Mr. Kramesh, Mumbai


“We as a family stayed in this hotel when we visited the famous temple in this place. Very nice location in a spacious campus with lot of greenery round. Had a very pleasant stay with good food to eat. Service was good. Very well maintained neat hotel.”

-Mr. N.Chandrasekaran, Chennai


“Considering the location, its a very good hotel and good value for money. The rooms are very spacious and the toilets are relatively clean. The hotel ambiance was very good with lot of greenery. They have a few designs in the lawn. I like the way they designed the Resort type rooms.
It has 2 rooms(kinda like a house). Small hall and big room. and if you are going with a car driver, you can think of utilizing this type of rooms where in he can stay in the hall(its got a bed also) and your family can stay in the big room. Toilets are accessible for both without disturbing each others privacy. Big room has a door as well. ”

- TripAdvisor Profile name: Travel_business2013


“The hotel has a cottage type look which we never visited anywhere before. Very close to Vaitheeswaran temple. The food was excellent with moderately priced. My kid enjoyed the garden particularly the slide after the tough mundane time. I would want people to visit this hotel at least once in their life time. With lot of space and greenery, it was indeed a very pleasant stay. And that too with makemytrip Rs. 500 discount was like a cherry on the cake.”

- Ms. Preeti Kapil


“It was a pleasant satisfying experience, for you go these temple towns for pilgrimage , not for seeking pleasure. The hotel was neat, tidy and certainly the best hotel south of Puduchery.”

- Mr. Ravindran Pranatharthy


Thanks to all who took the pains to write their reviews and appreciated our efforts to provide a top class ambiance to our clients. But yes, every coin has two sides. The ones mentioned here are some of the good reviews we had got. But it doesn’t mean that we are flawless and have no not-so-good reviews against our name. The good reviews motivate us to maintain our standards and the not-so-good reviews make us run towards the perfection. But we do listen to every single feedback you give. The next set of posts will discuss on a case-on-case basis about the not-so-good feedback of our customers and how we are striving to mitigate those issues and hence inch towards perfection.

And dear readers, if you have stayed in our hotel and haven’t voiced your feedback, we are all ears. Kindly drop a review of us on TripAdvisor or makemyTrip. Your reviews are our tonic to excel. And yes, if you haven’t stayed in our hotel, plan your trip soon. We are keeping our doors open for you.  :)