Navagraha temples in Tamilnadu


Our life is devised in a way that one should go through different nature of events – ups and downs, happiness and sadness, failure and success. Nothing is permanent and life can take turn of events in a most unexpected way.

When every minute is uncertain, how life can be assured with faith, believes and positivity? Our ancestors, intelligent chaps formulated a system for it. They correlated the sufferings one goes through in his/her life with planetary movements.

The system is as follows,

Nava – nine, graham- planets. Nava graham indicates the nine planets which influence human life to a great extend. The Hindu astrology is based on position of each of these planets at the time of birth of a person. The zodiac is divided in to 12 zones and 30 degrees each. Each of these planets will cross a particular zone during a particular period and based on the position one’s life is influenced. These 9 planets are considered as deities and worshipped.

Below are the 9 navagraha temples situated in Tamilnadu

Suryanar Koil

Primary deity – Suriyanar (Sun)

This is the only temple dedicated for the graham itself. In the remaining 8 temples lord Shiva is the main deity. The Sun god has hair and arms made of gold and his chariot is pulled by 7 horses. Sun god is the giver of wealth and prosperity. A harvesting festival called Pongal is celebrated on the month of January to thank the Sun god.

Kailasanathar Temple – Thingaloor

Primary deity – Kailasanathar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Chandran (Moon)

The Moon god is described as young and beautiful. He has a club and a lotus on his hands. His chariot is pulled by ten white horses. He is worshipped for long life and to get rid of sorrows in life.

Vaitheeswaran koil

Primary deity – Vaithyanadha Swamy (Shiva) Presiding deity – Sevvai (Mars)

Mars believed to be son of Earth is depicted as red, has four arms which carries trident, club, lotus and a spear. Worshipping Mars on Tuesday will help to get rid of problems. This temple is famous for its water which has a healing power. Read more about it here.

Swetharanyeswarar Temple – Thiruvenkadu

Primary deity – Swetharanyeswarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Bhudhan (Mercury)

Mercury is considered as son of Moon. He is depicted sitting on a lion with a scimitar, club and a shield. His body is green in color and his character is said to be modest and eloquent. Worshipping Mercury can enhance one’s communication skill and can bring good business for the merchants.

Abathsahayeswarar temple – Alangudi

Primary deity – Abathsahayeswarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Viyazhan called Dhakshina Murthy (Jupiter)

Dhakshina Murthy represents knowledge. He is described as yellow or golden in color and holds a stick, lotus and beads. His vehicle is said to be an elephant or a chariot drawn by 8 horses. He is also described as a lotus flower.

Agniswarar temple – Kanjanur

Primary deity – Agniswarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Sukran (Venus)

Sukran is white complexioned and holds stick beads and a lotus. There is a particular direction called Sukra dhisai which is believed to bring luck and wealth. If a person’s horoscope has this direction, he is likely to get a good life. Sukran is worshipped for wealth and child birth.

Saniswaran temple- Thirunallar

Primary deity – Dharbaranyeshwarar (Shiva) Presiding deity – Sani (Saturn)

Sani is the son of Suryan. Even though he represents career and longevity, it is believed that he can cause harm effects. It is because, when Sani opened eyes for the first time, the Sun went in to eclipse .Depicted dark in color; he is mounted on a crow holding sword, arrows and two daggers. Offering prayers to Sani on Saturday can help to get rid of the harm effects.

Naganathar Swamy Temple – Thirunageshwaram

Primary deity – Naganathar Swamy (Shiva) Presiding deity – Rahu (North Lunar Node)

Rahu is said to be the head of the demonic snake which drank the divine nectar called ‘amirtham’ and got killed by lord Vishnu.  The Rahu kalam is considered as inauspicious. During Rahu kalam milk used for the shower of the deity turns blue in this temple. Rahu is believed to give sudden luck and can also cause harm effects like Sani.

Naganatha swamy temple – Keezhaperumpallam

Primary deity – Naganathar Swamy (Shiva) Presiding deity – Kethu (South Lunar Node)

Kethu is said to be the tail of the demonic snake. He is the giver of moksham (liberalization from birth-death cycle). People suffer from kethu dosha visitis this temple.

As we said earlier, life is full of ups and downs. When everything goes against our wish, having faith in the almighty and believing that the bad will pass and the good will arrive is the best we can do.