Famous Temples Near the Navagraha Sthalams



Thirukadaiyur is a temple town located in the Nagapattinam district. The famous temple here is the Amirtaghateswarar temple with the primary deity Amirtaghateshwarar (Lord Shiva). The legend about this place is that Lord Shiva killed Yama (deity of death) to save his devotee Markandeya. Therefore, it is believed that visiting this temple and worshiping lord Shiva gives longer life. This temple is famous for shashtiaptha poorthi (completing 60 years of marriage). The 60th wedding will be performed here and the couples offer prayers along with their family members for a longer life.


Thirumanancheri is a village in Nagapattinam district. Sri Kalyanasundareswarar swamy temple is the famous temple here with the primary deity Kalyanasundareswarar (Lord Shiva). Parvathi devi offered prayers with immense devotion for many days to marry lord Shiva. Her wish came true and she married lord Shiva with the acceptance of her parents. Therefore, it is believed that visiting this temple and praying lord Shiva and Parvathi by offering a garland can remove obstacles and make the wedding wishes come true.


Thirukarugavoor is a place in the Tanjore disctrict. The famous temple situated here is the Garbharakshambigai temple.  The legend says that god Parvathi saved her devotee and her unborn child from the curse of a rishi. This temple is visited by women who are having difficulties in getting conceived and pregnant ladies to protect their unborn child and to have a safe delivery.


Kollumangudi is a place in the Nagapatinam district. The famous temple here is the Sthalasayana Perumal Temple. Lord Vishnu is the primary deity in the name Sthalasayana Perumal. The legend says that once there was an argument between Adhisheshan  (snake) and Garuda (eagle) regarding who possess more devotion towards lord Vishnu. When they took the issue to lord Vishnu, he favored Adhisheshan. From then onwards, Adhisheshan resides in the temple under lord Vishnu’s bed. It is believed that people who are having ‘Naga Dhosham’ should visit this temple to get rid of the ill effects caused by the dhosham.


Koothanur is a small village in Thiruvarur district. The famous Koothanur Maha Saraswathi temple is situated here. It is the only temple for goddess Saraswathi in Tamilnadu. As we all know that Saraswathi is the deity for education and knowledge, people bring their children here before their first time admission in the school. The children are made to write a letter for the first time on a small heap of rice in front of the deity. Prayers are offered for good education, knowledge and success. People who work in the field of art, music and craftsmanship also visit this temple.

Whenever you are planning to visit the Navagraha Sthalams, don’t forget to visit these famous temples nearby and do not worry about the stay because all these temples are easily reachable from our hotel Sadhabishegam.

Thirukadaiyur – Our hotel is situated in the same temple town

Thirumanancheri – 23 km from our hotel

Thirukarugavoor – 60 km from our hotel

Kollumangudi – 34 km from our hotel

Koothanur – 42 km from our hotel

* The distances are mentioned approximately.