Miracle water of Vaitheeswaran Koil


Vaitheeswaran koil, the famous temple, is situated in Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu. Lord Shiva is the primary deity here in the name Vaitheeswaran. The water in the tank of this temple is considered holy and the prasadham is considered a medicine. People who have health ailments visit this temple to get cured.

There is a separate shrine for lord Parvathi (Thaiyal Nayagi) and lord Muruga (Selvamuthukumaraswamy).

There are many interesting legends which praise the healing power of the deities and the holy water of the Sithamirtha tank in the temple.

As per the Hindu Mythology, there was a war between Lord Muruga and Asuras (demons) in which many were injured. Lord Muruga prayed for Lord Shiva and Parvathy to treat the injured. They appeared as Vaitheeswaran and Thaiyal nayagi and treated the injured with “Amirtha Sanjeevi” herb along with the soil taken from the roots of “Vishwa tree”

Muthuswamy Dikshitar – One among the musical trinity of carnatic music was losing his eyesight. He prayed Lord Muruga wholeheartedly to help him cure his critical condition. Lord Muruga appeared in his dream as Selvamuthukumaraswamy, asked him to bathe in the Sithamirtha tank of Vaitheeswaran koil and visit his shrine.

Dikshitar followed the instructions and got his eyesight back. He dedicated a song to Lord Muruga praising his kindness towards his devotees.

A rich merchant from a place called Kanadukathan was suffering from leprosy. He prayed lord Selvamuthukumaraswamy and took bath in the holy water for 90 days. After the 90th day, the disease was completely cured.

Delhi Nawab’s military head was suffering from a severe stomach pain. No medicine was able to cure it. He visited Vaitheeswaran koil and after worshipping in the shrine, his pain got cured. He gifted several invaluable ornaments for the deities of the temple. He started a trust and special poojas are done till date under the trust.

Another devotee called Sundhan got his leukoderma cured here. A person called Thakkan’s beheaded body and head were joined together after sprinkling the holy water on the body.

It is believed that almost 4448 diseases have been cured by visiting this temple.  Even the air we breathe is impure these days but the purity of the holy water of Sithamirtha tank is maintained till date. No wonder devotees from all over India visit this place.

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