Koothanoor Saraswathi Temple


Will power, Power of action and Power of intellect are the three major powers of this world. Goddess Durga of Kolkata is worshipped for will power, goddess Lakshmi of Mumbai is worshipped for power of action and goddess Sarawathi of Koothanoor is worshipped for power of intellect.

The only temple for goddess Saraswathi in Tamilnadu is situated in Koothanoor on the way from Mayiladurai to Thiruvarur.

Goddess Saraswathi not only resides in this temple but also blesses her devotees in the form of holy water from a nearby river called Arisol Aaru where she merges with river Ganga and Yamuna.

Once, goddess Parvathi was born as a human on earth to Parvatharajan. When god Shiva came to marry her, he transformed river Ganga which usually resides on his head in to a woman.  He asked a sage named Baskaran to take care of Ganga. He warned the sage not to allow her near the river. One day, the sage was taking bath in Arisol Aaru. He forgot the warning and asked Ganga to bring a vessel. When Ganga approached the river, because of her basic characteristics, she changed in to water and merged with the river. It look a while for the sage to understand that it was river Ganga and god Shiva is the one who asked him to take care of it. The place where river Ganga joined with Arisol Aaru is called as “Ruthra Ganga”

Once there was a controversial debate between god Brahma and god Saraswathi. Because of that, they were born as humans on the earth in the names Bagukandhan and Sirathai. When Sirathai’s father Punniya Keerthi was arranging a wedding for her, she was worshipping the god whole heartedly.  By seeing her devotion, the god blessed her; she becomes goddess Saraswathi and resides at the Koothanoor Temple.  As there was no separate temple or puja for god Brahma, whenever rituals are done to satisfy our ancestors (tharpanam, pithru karma) a special puja will be done for god Brahma. The river shore along the Koothanoor temple is famous for such rituals.

During the era of Kirshna Avatar, the river Yamuna merged with the Ruthra Ganga to wash away her sins. Therefore, the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Sarawathi is considered sacred. This place was called as Ambalpuri, Hari Nageshwaram etc and during the reign of Raja Raja Cholan II, the king who gifted this place to his poet Ottakoothar. There after, this place is called as koothan+oor = Koothanoor and there is a legend that the goddess saved Ottakoothar from his enemies. She also blessed her devotee Purushotham who was dumb by birth with the ability to speak

Goddess Saraswathi is depicted in a white saree with 4 hands and mounted on a white lotus. Apart from goddess Saraswathi, there are separate shrines for Brahma, Nataraj, Vinayaka and Subramanya. There is a statue for poet Ottakoothar as well. It is noted that there is no Navagraha  sthala in this temple.

The full moon day is considered auspicious for the goddess and abishegam is done with pure honey. It is believed that by having that honey as prasadam, one can acquire skills to excel in education.

Sarawathi pooja and Navarathri are considered special and devotees can perform pujas on their own to the goddess. During Vijayadhasami, artists and pundits visit the temple and perform various rituals. Students generally visit the temple before exams and worship goddess Sarawathi for good marks.

Koothanoor Saraswathi temple is approximately 40 Kms from hotel Sadhabishegam. Visit this temple with your family, perform abishegam with pure honey, gain knowledge and intellect .