Here is what 2 award winning artists from Chennai say about hotel Sadhabishegam


Recently we had an opportunity to serve famous artists Mr. Muralidharan and Mr.Narendrababu from Chennai. The purpose of their visit was to explore the historic temples and transform the culture in to paintings.  We are overwhelmed by the feedback given by them after the stay and we are happy to share the proud moment with you all

How was the stay at Hotel Sadhabishegam?

Mr.Narendra Babu – I am completely satisfied with my stay at hotel Sadhabishegam. The stay gave a traditional feel and I thoroughly enjoyed the gardens with beautiful landscaping.

Mr. Muralidharan – The hospitality and the ambiance of hotel Sadhabishegam made my stay a pleasant one. The morning walk along the garden among the birds is something I can never forget.

How unique is hotel Sadhabishegam compared to other hotels you have stayed?

Mr.Narendra Babu – Hotel Sadhabishegam is a non-commercialized hotel. The entire area is surrounded by greeneries which give a pleasant break for our eyes from the usual concrete buildings.

Mr. Muralidharan – My native place is Thanjavore itself and hotel Sadhabishegam gave an instant homely feel. The calm and serene atmosphere makes it a place to visit again.

Was it easy to reach other places from the hotel?

Mr.Narendra Babu – Yes. We were able to reach all the nearby places by bus and the bus stops nearby to Hotel Sadhabishegam.

Mr. Muralidharan – Yes. The staffs were very helpful and suggested the must see places in and around Vaitheeswaran koil. We covered all the major temples, towns and historic places easily from the hotel.

How was the stay helpful for the purpose of your visit?

Mr.Narendra Babu – The stay at hotel Sadhabishegam gave a devotional feeling and helped me to connect with the kind of paintings I wanted to draw. It is the place to stay for all the artistic people who visit Vaithesswaran Koil.

Mr. Muralidharan – The stay helped me to serve the purpose of my visit. If I had stayed in any other hotel without such nice atmosphere, I wouldn’t have painted at all.