Free workshop for women by Hotel Sadhabishegam


“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family”

Unfortunately in our country, education for women is something one should fight for. Many girl children don’t get the opportunity to step inside a classroom; many drop out without completing the education and those who complete their education are denied the right career opportunity.

Because of such situations, many women’s lives are totally dependant on their men counterparts and there is no financial security or whatsoever which can help women to take care of their basic needs when there is no one to rely on.

To address this problem faced by many women, Hotel Sadhabishegam, in association with Central Lions Club and Learn More India Consultants has taken a small step forward. We hosted a free workshop for women on hospitality.  The main agenda of this workshop was to create awareness about the types of work women can do in a hotel and to analyze which kind of job role will be suitable as per the individual capability.

A broad perspective of kitchen management, house keeping and front desk management was given. We received excellent feedback from the participants and to validate their participation, a certificate was issued by the Learn More India Consultants. The experience gained from the workshop will be useful for the participants whenever they seek job in hospitality industry.







Hotel Sadhabishegam is proud for conducting this workshop and making it a grand success.