Apthasahayeshwar Temple – Alangudi


Alangudi is a place in Tanjore district. Kumbakonam and Manarkudi are the nearby major town from which Alangudi can be reached easily by bus. The primary deity of the temple situated in Alangudi is god Shiva in the name Apthasahayeshwar. The godess is Yelavar Kuzhal Ambigai. This temple is also one of the Navagraha Sthalas for the Navagraha Guru.

When the Devas (gods) and Ashuras (demons) tried to churn the Parkadal (ocean of milk) a type of poison called ‘alagala visham’ started to spread out of the ocean. The whole universe including the Devas and Ashuras were affected by the powerful poison. Everyone surrendered to god Shiva, requesting him to save the universe from the ill effects of the poison. God Shiva immediately swallowed the poison to protect the universe but made sure that he contained it in his throat. As he saved the universe from the ‘alagala visham’, he is called as ‘Apthasahayeshwar’

Gajasuran was a demon son of Rishi Magadhar. He was arrogant because of his demon powers and created troubles to others. He started to destroy the world by creating heavy floods. The Devas sought help from god Ganapthi. Ganapathi used his trunk to absorb all the flood water and killed the demon. Therefore he is called as ‘kalangamal katha Ganapathi’ (Ganapathi who saved without any fear) and there is a separate shrine for him in the Alangudi temple.

The famous poets Appar, Sambandhar and Sundarar sang about this place in Tamil literature. Poet Sundarar was reborn in the earth to serve Tamil language by means of literature such as Devaram. When he visited Alangudi for the same purpose,  there was a heavy flood. The poet was rescued by a boat sailor. Later the poet realized that it was god Shiva who rescued him.

Once goddess Parvathi was playing with her friends. When she raised her hand to catch a ball, the Sun god thought that the goddess was instructing him to stood still. Because the Sun god stood still, the normal day to day activities around the world got affected. As one childish act by the goddess affected the entire world, god Shiva cursed her to be born as a human.  Parvathi was born in Alangudi as a human. She offered prayers wholeheartedly everyday . God Shiva accepted her prayers and married her.

The primary deity is facing the east direction and the goddess faces towards the south in this temple. As the goddess offered prayers and got married as per her wish, people who want to get married visit this temple and offer prayers frequently. Worshiping and offering special prayers for Navagraha Guru on Thursdays can help to get rid of obstacles and difficulties in life. Worshiping the ’kalangamal katha Ganapathi’ of this temple brings success in business. Visit the Alangudi temple, offer prayers, get rid of all the obstacles and take home happiness. The temple is just 153 kms from our hotel Sadhabishegam.