Arulmigu Kailasanathar Temple – Thingaloor


We have explained about the incidents happened when the Devas (gods) and Ashuras (demons) tried to churn the Parkadal (ocean of milk) in our previous post.  Apart from the poison, there were certain other things as well which came out of the ocean. Chandhiran (Moon) was considered as one of the elements which came out of the Parkadal. When the Devas were tired because of the churning, Chandhiran performed various arts to entertain them.

Chandhiran was married to the 27 daughters of Thatchan. But he showed more love towards Rohini and Karthigai. The remaining daughters of Thatchan complained to him about the partial behavior of Chandhiran. The angry Thatchan cursed Chandhiran saying all his knowledge about 16 forms of arts will vanish. Chandhiran’s knowledge about arts started to vanish  one per day. The worried Chandhiran surrendered himself to god Shiva. God Shiva accepted his prayers and made sure that as soon as the knowledge vanish for 16 days, it will come back to Chandhiran in the next 16 days.  The place where Chandhiran surrendered himself to God and offered prayers is called Thingaloor.

The temple is easily accessible from Tanjore. The primary deity is god Shiva in the name Kailasanathar and goddess Parvathi in the name Periyanayaki.  Every year during Panguni uthiram, sunlight falls on the idol of Kailasanathar in the morning and on the next day evening, moon light falls on the idol. Special prayers are offered during these 2 days.

In a Tamil epic called Periyapuranam, legends of 63 Nayanmarkals were mentioned. Out of those, Appothi adigal and Thirunavukarasar were closely related to Thingaloor. Appothi Adigalar  was having great respect for Thirunavukarasar. Appothi Adigalar was doing many good deeds such as free food, water and accommodation in the name of Thirunavukarasar.

One day, Thirunavukarasar planned to visit Thingaloor and worship god Kailasanathar. On his way, he saw many places functioning under his name and helping people who were in need. Amazed by this excellent work, he enquired and came to know about Appothi Adigalar.

Thirunavukarasar visited Appothi Adigalar’s house to praise him for the good deeds he was doing. Appothi Adigalar was ecstatic to see his idol Thirunavukarasar at his very own house. He humbly requested Thirunavukarasar to have some food. While the food was getting ready, Thirunavukarasar was visiting the temple to offer his prayers. Once the food was ready, Appothi Adigala asked his elder son to get some plantain leaves from the backyard which are generally used to serve food.

Unfortunately, a snake bitten Appothi Adigalar’s son and he died on the spot. Irrespective of his own son’s death, Appothi Adigalar did not want to disappoint his guest and wanted to serve him a grand feast. Somehow Thirunavukarasar sensed that something is wrong and when he came to know about the incident he was shocked. Immediately, he took the body of the kid to Kailasanathar’s temple and offered prayers through songs and chants. God Kailasanathar after seeing the selfless devotion of Appothi Adigalar and Thirunavukarasar, he blessed the boy his life back.

It is believed that no harm can happen if a snake bite someone at the temple premises. Idols of Thirunavukarasar, Appothi Adigalar, his wife and 2 sons are presented in the temple. Many people visit this temple to get rid of doshas, for betterment of health and to get rid of obstacles and achieve success

Thingaloor is approximately 90Km from Hotel Sadhabishegam