Kanchanoor – Agneeshwar Temple


Kanchanoor is a small village situated on the way from Kumbakonam to Poombukar. The temple at Kanchanoor, with the primary deity god Shiva in the name Agneeshwar is named after the god as Agneeshwar temple. The god of fire (agni)  worshiped the almighty and got cured of his disease and hence the almighty is named as Agneeshwar.

There are many interesting legends associated with this temple which we would like to share  with our readers.

Sukran was the son of Piruku Maharishi and Booloma. He was educated by Angirasa Maharishi and became guru for the Asuras. Sukran offered prayers to the almighty and learned a mantra called ‘mirudha sanjeevini’ which can give back life to the dead Asuras.

An Asura called Anthakasuran along with other Asuras was initiating a war with the Devas . All the Asuras killed by the Devas were coming back to life with the help of their guru Sukran. The Devas were shocked to see this and surrendered themselves to almighty to save them from this difficult situation. The almighty swallowed Sukran and made him rest inside his stomach. This helped the Devas to kill the Anthakasuran and win the war.

During the Vamana Avathar, god Vishnu appeared as a dwarf to help Devas to get back their land from the Asura Mahabali. God Vishnu as a dwarf brahmin was tactically requesting a small amount of land as a donation from Mahabali. Sukran realized that it was god Vishnu and tried to stop Mahabali. But Mahabali didn’t lsiten to Sukran and agreed to donate the land. It was a tradition to sprinkle holy water from a sacred vessel during such donations. Therefore, Sukran took a form of Bee and blocked the nozzle of the vessel. As the holy water was not coming out, god Vishnu poked the nozzle with  a pin which made Sukran in the form bee blind. Because of this incident, god Vishnu was cursed with Sukra dhosham. To got rid of the dhosham, god Vishnu visited Kanchanoor and offered prayers to Agneeshwar. As Sukra dhosham was cured at this temple, people suffering from the dhosham often visit this temple and offer prayers.

As Sukran was rested inside Agneeshwar’s stomach, there is no separate shrine for Sukran in this temple. All the prayers and offerings for Sukra dhosham is done for Agneeshwar itself. It is believed that goddess Karpagambigai blessed all the 3 moorthys Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in this sacred place. She is considered as the Athi Parasakthi who created the moorthys.

Kanchanoor is the birth place of Haridhatha Sivachariyar. He was initially following Vaishnavism and then changed to Saivism. It is believed that the almighty blessed him in the form Dhakshina moorthy at this sacred place and in the shrine,  it is believed that the image of Haridhathar is superimposed on the idol of Dhakshina moorthy.

A poor brahmin who lived in Kanchanoor was having a practice of feeding cows and calves. One day a calf died because of some other reason but people believed that it was because of eating the feed provided by the poor brahmin. He felt really bad because of the false accusation and approached Haridhathar to help him out. Haridhathar advised him to chant Panchatsarathai and offer cattle feed to the Nandhi idol at temple. When other were making fun of him saying how an idol can eat, he whole heatedly chanted the mantras and fed the Nandhi. To everyone’s surprise, Nandhi ate the cattle feed. Every year in the month of January, a special pooja is done on behalf of Haridhathar.

There are many such legends associated with the Kanchanoor Agneeshwar temple. This historically popular place is visited by many people to get rid of the Sukra dhosha,  to get a happy married life,  to be blessed with a child and to excel in personal and professional life.

As Kanchanoor is a small vilalge, there is no proper staying facilities available for the devotees who come from other parts. But it is just around 30 Km from our hotel Sadhabishegam. Have a pleasant stay at our hotel and visit the historically famous Kanchanoor.