Agneeswarar Temple – Kanjanur


Kanjanur Agneeswarar Temple.

Agneeswarar Temple lies 18 Kms from Kumbakonam while travelling towards Poombuhar. The deity of Shiva showed himself in wedding attire to Brahma, so the devi is in his right side. God Agni, got his ailments cured by praying to the lord here, hence the name Agneeswarar for the deity in this particular temple. In most of the temples, the history will say that the lady was in penance to marry the God. But in this particular temple, the God was in penance to marry the Devi. It is said that bachelors visiting this temple will get married soon.

Brahaspathi and Sukkiran learned under the same Guru Aangirasa. While Brahaspathi was accepted as supreme teacher of Devas, Sukkiran became the supreme teacher of Asuras. With a very hard penance, he got the trick of resurrecting dead people from the God. He was also present in Mahabali’s court when Mahavishnu in his Vamanavathar asked for three feet of land to the king. Sukkiran stops Mahabali from accepting the offer. But Mahabali is a man of his words. Before he could cement his words by sprinkling holy water, Sukkiran takes a form of bee and stops the water from coming out of the vessel. A worried Mahavishnu takes a grass and in the pretense of chasing the bee out hurts Sukkiran and blinds him in an eye. That is how Mahavishu gets his Sukkiradhosham.

Mahavishnu prayed here to get rid of the Sukkiradhosham since then whoever has sukkira dosham in his horoscope and visits this temple is blessed with good marriage, great wife and kids, a own house, good artistic side etc

Devas were fighting an Asura named Andhagasuran. His troops were coming back to life, thanks to Guru Sukkiran even after the Devas killed them. The clueless Devas complained about this to Lord Shiva and he for time being swallowed Sukkiran to make Devas win the battle. Because of that Sukkiran do not have a seperate sannithi in the temple. All the prayers that is supposed to happen for Sukkiran will happen for the main deity as Sukkiran was inside Lord Shiva.

The Gopura faces South. When we enter the temple, you can see the separate sanctum of Lord Ganapathi to our left and Kashi Viswanatha and Visalatchi Devi to our right. The first sanctum in the temple is Devi Karpagambigai. Next is Agneeswarar. Both these sanctums face east.

The temple which has its own history is also one of the Navagraha temple which specializes in Sukkiran. Kanjanur is a very small village. You cannot find a stay or a good eatery in Kanjanur. But you can stay in Hotel Sadhabishegam and cover most of the Navagraha temples with ease.


Thiruvenkadu Swetharenyeswarar Temple


Thiruvenkadu Swetharenyeswarar temple is equaled with Kashi by Saivities. There are five other temples in Tamilnadu which have similar plaudits. They are Thiruvaiyaru, Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvidamaruthur, Thiruchaikkadu, Thiruvanjiyam.

This wonderful temple lies just 13 Kms away from temple town Sirkazhi. The name of the place translates to white forest and it is also said that Lord Nataraja danced here before he danced in Chidambaram. Therefore it is even called as Aadhi Chidambaram.  He danced Ananda Tandava, Kali Nirutham, Gauri Thandavam, Bhujangalalitham, Samhara thandavam and Paishadanam. Since he performed 9 types of dances here it is also called Navanirutha Ganam.

The main deity in the temple is Swetharanyeswarar. The female counterpart is Bramha Vidhyambigai.  Mathangi, the daughter of sage Mathanga did penance and married the lord. She then taught her skills to Bramha and became Bramha Vidhyambigai. The deity in her left upper hand wields Lotus symbolizing wealth, the right left hand has scriptures denoting wisdom and the left lower hand blessing the people and the right lower hand pointing her feet. It is said that whoever surrenders in her feet will be protected and blessed with wisdom and wealth.

The temple has three forms of Siva. Swetharanyeswarar, Natarajar and then Agora Moorthy. Once a asura named Maruthuvan gained powers after he finished his penance towards Lord Siva. With the new found power, he started abusing the Devas. He didn’t even stop when the Devas escaped to the forest where the temple is situated and prayed. Lord Siva sent Rishaba Deva to fight for Devas. But the asura used his power blessed on him by Lord Shiva and injured Rishabha Deva. This angered Lord Shiva and he took the Avatar of Agora Moorthy and destroyed Asura.

The Agora Moorthy is depicted with elan in the temple. Agora Moorthy is the angriest form of Lord Shiva.  And we get to see that in only this temple. The tall and dark body and the way he positions to combat Maruthuvan is a treat to look at. The deity has eight hands, a fiery attitude and weapons. The careful observer can also see the asura surrendering in his left feet. The Rishabha devar sculpture is also present in the temple and the temple guide can show you the scars that asura made on Rishaba devar.

The temple has three holy tanks. It is called Agni Theertham, Surya Theertham and Chandra Theertham. The temple is east facing but it also has entrance in west. Vilvam, Kondrai and Banyan are the trees of the temple. You can find this abundantly here. Thiruvenkadu is known place for planet Budhan.

Budhan is said to be the ruler of education, wisdom, oratory skills, Music and any logical profession. The parents who want their children to shine in those areas will present green coloured cloth to the deity and get blessings. Also Budhan is in the fifth place in horoscopes. A weak planet here may cause infertility problem in couples. Coming to this temple and taking the blessings of Budhan will help them get a cure.

This is a very important temple for the saivites. People who cannot do their respects to their elders who left this world in Gaya, Kashi or Tiruveni can give their respects here. This scenic village is also been sung by Appar, Sundarar, Sambandhar and Manikkavasagar. The route to the village where the temple is situated is very scenic.

The temple is located very close to Sadhabishegam facility in Vaitheeswaran koil.  It is just a 30 minute drive from our hotel.