An introduction about our Resort at Manakkudi


In this era of globalization, we lose something as much as we gain. Tall buildings but less trees, convenient transportation but pollution, world inside our hand but health complications.

Even the villages which are supposed to have fresh water, pollution free air and greenaries are changing because of the latest trends. Not only the environmental changes, we are also forgetting our traditional healthy habits. Kids these days won’t even come out to play games as everything is available in the form of video games.

May be in future, a typical village can be seen only through google images

Considering all these changes which highly affects our health and environment, we thought of taking a small step towards bringing our tradition and healthy lifestyle back.

Do you miss your native village? Want to give your kids one of a kind village experience? Looking to take a relaxed holiday in a different way?

Our resort is your only answer!

Manakkudi resort

Our resort is situated in a village called Manakkudi, Nagapattinam District. It has 4 cottages and 1 room can easily accommodate 4 people. It is a village themed resort to give a typical local experience.

sadhabishegam resort at manakkudi

Some of the interesting additional features are a pump set to take bath, traditional games to lay back and play, bullock cart ride for fun and of course traditional food to make the tummy and heart happy.

resort at manakkudi

We do have all the other basic necessities such as air-conditioner and TV. So what more one can ask for?

We will come up with the official announcement soon about when we are going to open the resort till then keeping planning to visit our resort.