Keelamperumal Kethu Naganadhaswamy temple


We all know the legendary story of churning  Parkdal in order to extract the elixir of life. God Vishnu took the Mohini avathar and was distributing the elixir of life to the Devas. Ragu was sitting in between the Devas and he was beheaded by the chakra of god Vishnu. From then on the head part was called as Ragu and the body part was called as Kethu. Kethu was raised by  a brahmin called Mini. Even though he was an Asura by birth, he grew up among the brahmins and learned everything about spirituality.

The Asuras were furious as they got distracted by god Vishnu in the form of Mohini and ended up with no  elixir of life. They assaulted the snake called Vasuki which was used to churn the Parkadal and thrown it inside a bamboo forest.  In that bad physical state, Vasuki remembered that god Shiva had to swallow the poison that got spread from its body during the churning process. Vasuki started praying towards god Shiva in order to forgive it from the bad deeds. God Shiva felt happy after seeing the true offering from Vasuki and appeared in front of it. It requested god Shiva to stay on that place and offer blessings.  He appeared as god Naganatha Swamy inside a temple and the place is called Keelamperumal.

The temple is east faced and there is a Naga theertham in front of the east facing entrance. It is believed that the theertham was formed by Vasuki when it was offering prayers to god Shiva.  In an inscription by Vikrama Cholan, Keelamperumal was mentioned as Thiruvalapuram. Legendary poets Thirunavukarasu swamigal, Thirunyanasambandhar, Sundarar had composed poetries by mentioning the place Thiruvalapuram.

Ragu and Kethu will react according to the Rashi and the position of the planets. Therefore they can cause doshas such as Puthira dhosham, kalathira dhosham, kala sarba dhosham, mangalya dhosham etc. To get rid of these dhoshas, one should worship Kethu during the yemakanda time every Monday. It is considered auspicious to worship Kethu during the month of Karthiga, when the stars Ashwini, Magam and Moolam falls on Monday.

Keelamperumal is approximately 20kms from our hotel Sadhabishegam. Have a pleasant stay here, visit Keelamperumal temple, worship Kethu to get rid of all dhoshas.

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