Advantage Sadhabishegam


Our ancestors had developed a custom of pilgrimage, keeping in mind about the stress and restlessness people go through their work and family life. The pilgrimage is not only to travel and visit different temples but also it is a time of bonding between the family and passing the family traditions to one generation to another. This can be seen evidently in the Sixtieth Anniversary marriage functions that happen in Thirukadaiyur Amirthalingeswarar temple. The roles are reversed and the sons/daughters look proudly when their parents tie knot. And the parents tell stories and customs and about different temples their family used to visit to their children and encouraging the children to visit the same.

At Sadhabishegam, we understand this. This trip of bonding, peace and satisfaction should not be filled with mistakes and misunderstanding. If you choose Hotel Sadhabishegam as your hospitality partner when you take the pilgrimage to either Navagraha Sthalas or just to celebrate the Sixtieth Marriage of parents, we encourage you to talk to us. We are approachable through social media, website and also just a phone call away. We have spacious and airy rooms which are specially designed for family looking for a relaxed get away from their busy lives. We understand the need of cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to food and other things in case you are visiting temples back to back. Our experienced staff make sure that  your cleanliness is ensured.

The taste of our in-house restaurant is pretty popular among the tourists as well as local people. Most of the family celebrations in our locality has Hotel Sadhabishegam’s meal as a special attraction and fulfilling one. Our wonderful chef makes pure vegetarian dishes with varieties that is dissimilar to one day to other makes a mouth watering experience. We also help you pack your food when you go to day long trip to the temples that are around Sadhabishegam.

Speaking of temples, almost all Navagraha temples are closer to Hotel Sadhabishegam. We lie almost as a middle point to all Navagraha temples and we have a well furnished property in Vaitheeswaran Koil – A temple devoted to Sevvai. You can get help from our help desk to plan your trip to these temples. Follow this blog to know more about the different temples and their specialties.

In short, we encourage you to have a look at our facility photographs, blogs and general reviews from various sources. It is really important to have a peaceful time when you come to this part of the world to enjoy the old world charm and to the temples. We ensure that you don’t worry about anything and make you trip memorable.

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