Transitions in Heyvilambi year


After three years, in this tamil new year we are going to see the transition of all 9 planets including Rahu, Kethu and Sani. While continuing their planetary journey it is said that the Moon moves once in two and half days. Sun, Sukran and Budhan moves to different houses once in a month. Sevvai moves once in one and half months. The planet Jupiter or Guru moves once in a year, while Rahu and Kethu move to another house once in one and half years. Saturn moves from one Rashi to other once in two and half years. This Heyvilambi tamil year, we will see all these transitions happening within the time period of an year which happened three years ago.

Guru or Jupiter will transit from Kanni to Thula rasi on September 12th 2017. Sani moves from Thula Rasi to Vruchika Rasi on 20-06-2017 and again moves back to Thula Rasi on October 26, 2017 In the same way Rahu and Kethu transit on 17-08-2017. While Rahu comes back to Kadaka Rasi from Simmam, Kethu moves from Kumbam to Makaram.

The general prediction of this celestial movement is there will be enough financial prosperity for everybody. There will be celebrations and good happenings in the family. People who are married and expecting will be gifted with babies. The festivals in temple will happen as planned.

Please consult your astrologer about what these transits mean to you and book your stay in advance with us. We are just an hour travel away from all important Navagraha Sthalas. With our hospitality, we will make your stay enjoyable and also peaceful while you pray for your family well being.

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