Our Roots – A monthly program in Hotel Sadhabishegam


Roots is a monthly lecture program organized by Sarojini Ramalingam Trust. This program deals with the different topics such as the culture of Tamils, temples, sculptures, paintings and Tamil language in general to carry the tradition forward to the current generation and making them aware of the valor and intelligence of our ancestors who made this land great.

With the help of scholars in different verticals the monthly meeting takes different topics and explore the details by these experts in detail which is better than reading a hundred books on a particular subject in libraries. This monthly meet will be held every last Sunday in Hotel Sadhabishegam, Vaitheeswaran Koil.

The program started in the month of April, where the topic of discussion was Tanjore Temple. Eminent scholar who had done various researches regarding Tanjore, Mr. Kudavoil Balasubramnian talked about a lot of important information about the Tanjore Bragadeeshwara temple which was hidden in plain sight. The temple being one of the architectural wonder of Tamil King Raja Raja Chozhan still amazes the tourists and locals alike.

The second meeting held on the month of May discussed the birth, life and the service of Saint Ramanuja for Tamilnadu in the view of his 1000th birth anniversary this year. Mr. K. Mohan who is a retired school teacher and presently heading Gandhi Educational institution in Chennai shared his valuable knowledge on life and service of Saint Sri Ramanuja.

There are more interesting topics planned in the upcoming months regarding various interesting things in our culture and tradition. We request you to follow our FB page to be up to date with such happenings.


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