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Even the smoothest of skin has a mole somewhere. Even the coolest of breeze carries a stench sometimes. We, Hotel Sadhabishegam, get inundated  with a number of positive reviews from our satisfied customers. But sometimes, we make mistakes. We are not Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid to make everything look perfect. We do have flaws. And it takes a powerful voice of one of our lovely customer to give a tight slap to us and wake us up from the slumbers of our complacency. It is reviews such as these that make us improve.

We extend our heartiest thanks to Mr.Adithya for reviewing us on TripAdvisor. Find below his review of Hotel Sadhabishegam, in his own words.


We booked 2 rooms here and in one room lights were not glowing and hence had to be changed. The other room had host of issues like non functioning AC, No remote for the Television. We had to repeatedly follow up with the reception and it takes not less than 30 minutes for them to respond. The AC problem was fixed at 2200 hrs (after 1 hour of follow up). My kids were hungry and we wanted to give them some fruits which we had. I asked for a plate and a knife which was given after 40 minutes. One look at the knife (see photo) resulted in nausea. The guy added it is the same knife they use to cut vegetables. The rooms are extremely dirty and untidy. Floors are stained and toilets are stinking. The staff at the reception are very cold and sometimes show dis respect. They charge Rs.3000/- per day for the room (In a place like Vaitheeswaran Koil) and do not maintain the standsrds. I felt cheated and would not recommend anyone to stay here and you have better options in Kumbakonam which is about 1 hour drive.

Toilet dirtyKnife



(Images as posted by Mr.Adithya on TripAdvisor)



Ouch! That was indeed a scathing review sir. But we would like to extend our warmest of thanks to you for taking your time to make us better. We have always been getting ‘excellent’, ‘best value for money’ type of reviews and this review just shook us off our seat and woke us up from hibernation. Your review triggered a volley of changes to our modes of operation and we feel it is our duty to let you and others informed about them.

Air conditioning and lighting:

Every room is now inspected thoroughly before handing over the keys for any discomfort that it may cause the guests who are entering. This includes checking of the AC’s working condition, it’s cooling and the working of the lights in the room. A check list is prepared to the hotel’s hospitality team and the items in it includes ensuring that the TV in the room has been provided with a functioning remote. Since the charge in the battery cannot be predicted, we have also stocked ample quantities of AA+ batteries in case the charge drains out.




We have always implemented very strict cleanliness standards in our hotel and we have made them stricter now. The one in the review was an unfortunate goof-up from our side and we have no shame in taking responsibility for that. The floors are now mopped with greater care and we are ensuring that the stains are removed as much as possible, retaining the floor’s original colour to its closest natural state.




If there’s one thing that we have learnt in this hospitality industry, it is that the needs of customers must be anticipated as extensively as possible. Thus, this knife issue was an eye-opener for us in more than one sorts. We have now equipped rooms with new knives and these knives are cleaned after every room checkout. However, the knives will be available on demand as a part of room-service, as we don’t want the knives to be easily accessible to the hands of children. As a precautionary measure, we have also kept our first-aid box ready.




Staff behaviour:

Though we trust our staff to exhibit a high standard of hospitality professionalism towards our guests, we neither want to refute nor defend the bad comment made in the review. We understand that the negative comment is because of the inconvenience experienced by the guest and we extend our sincere apology for the same. However, from our side, to stop this from recurring, we have arranged for a number of hospitality and behavioural workshops for our staff and we believe this would have augmented our service standards.

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The purpose of this post is not to justify our stand. It is not to prove the review wrong. It’s just one of our means to let you all know that you are the most important pillar of our hotel and we will do all it takes to make your stay comfortable. Say whatever you feel like. We are always listening to you and are willing to correct our mistakes, if any.

(And Mr. Adithya sir, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We definitely want to serve you to your peak satisfaction. We humbly request you to make your stay one more time in our hotel the next time you visit Vaitheeswaran Koil. We promise you to serve better.)

Places Around Hotel Sadhabishegam


Hotel Sadhabishegam is located in two different locations which is centre for all navagragha temples, which is best in accomodation, quality and comfort among pilgrims to southern Tamil Nadu.


Thirukkadaiyur :

Thirukkadaiyur is on the route between mayiladuthurai and tranquebar. It is one of the eight temples glorifying the heroic deads of lord shiva. The great poet and devotee abirami pattar in this place had sung the holy hymn of abirami anthathi.


Vaitheeswaran temple :

5km from mayavaram bus stand, vaitheeswaran thaiyal nayaki, muthukumaraswamy an ancient temple dedicated to shiva as vaitheeswaran literally meaning the divine provider of cures. Adorned with imposing towers,mandapams  and pillars, this well visited shrine has been sung by the saivite saint poets. This shrine is also reffered to as an angarakasthalam. Timing 05.30am to 01.00pm and 04.30pm to 09.00pm .

Navagraha temple( nine planets ):

  1. Vaitheeswaran (angaraha-mars)
  2. Thiruvengadu (budha-mercury)
  3. Keezhperumpallam (kethu)
  4. Thirunallar  (sani-saturn)
  5. Alangudi ( guru-jupitar)
  6. Thingalur (chandran-moon)
  7. Thirunageswaram (Raghu)
  8. Surianar  (surya-sun)
  9. Kanchanur (sukra-venus)
Navagraha Temple

Navagraha Temple