Hotel Sadhabishegam – We do more than business


Though hotel industry comes under service category, a business is a business and we make money out of it. We all lead a busy life, chasing dreams, aim for a better life than yesterday.  Do we take a moment, be thankful and give back something to the society?

This post is about we, at Hotel Sadhabishegam, trying to give back something to the society.

Situated in the temple town of Vaitheeswaran koil, many temples are easily accessible from our hotel. People from all over the country stay in Hotel Sadhabishegam and visit  the nearby temple. To give them a calm, peaceful environment, we have planned our hotel in a very non-commercialized way with beautiful greenaries all around.

Hotel Sadhabishegam

With banquet hall facility, many companies and corporate firm have conducted workshop, seminars etc in our hotel. We decided to make use the same banquet hall to host a free workshop for women on hospitality. A broad perspective of kitchen management, house keeping and front desk management was given. We received excellent feedback from the participants and to validate their participation, a certificate was issued by the Learn More India Consultants. The experience gained from the workshop will be useful for the participants whenever they seek job in hospitality industry.

Work shop for women

We have a restaurant attached with our hotel which provides hygienic food to our guests.  We made use of the cooking facilities available and  offered food for the devotees who visit Vaitheeswaran koil by foot on Chitra month of Tamil Calendar. We are doing this service since the year 1992.

Hotel in vaitheeswarankoil

As we mentioned before, Hotel Sadhabishegam is surrounded many temples. We have been rendering helping hands to such temples every now and then. Recently, we came to notice an extensively deteriorated temple in a place called Manakkudi. We have donated money to the trust which belongs to the temple for complete renovation.

Manakkudi temple

Hotel Sadhabishegam runs successfully because of the temples and people around Vaitheeswaran koil. We will never forget to give back from where we reap the benefits.